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    Quote Originally Posted by Diesta View Post
    mount within 50 solves, gg
    I had a friend that got it as his first solve back in cata when it was released.... Needless to say we are no longer friends...

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    I got mine on something like the 20th solve... though, I did it without going to Uldum at all. I used Spirits and turned them into artifacts... then traded the artifacts for Tol'Vir stuff. I was hoping for the crawling claw, but I will take the mount.

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    Btw, I still can't get the drake formula with a non-alchemist toon ?

    Farming the mount with Pandaria digsites, but no luck atm (2-3 TolVir solves / week...)
    Always mad.

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    started doing tol vir got 100 solves while working on seeker Finished my last pristine shortly after my 100th solve which was mount. Then 5.2 came and I had to work on Mantid <3 the mantid only site item. Got my claw while doing those pristines /happy dance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TDrog View Post
    Btw, I still can't get the drake formula with a non-alchemist toon ?
    Nope, the recipy is still soulbound.

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    Took me about 140 solves to get the mount. Didn't get any of the other rares along the way which kinda sucks.

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    Managed to get the ring of the boy emperor first then the scarab pendant, before I finally managed the bug mount. It was the only thing I wanted though, besides the crawling claw. Took me around 105 solves, which was a lot better than what I was expecting from the Wowhead comments. xD

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    advice #1 - STOP COUNTING!

    the more you count, the more anxious you'll become. just farm it while listening to music or something.

    advice #2 - see #1;

    advice #3 - see #2;
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    Ehr, got it back in Cata, was about 125 solves I think. Still haven't found that staff though :/

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    I got lucky with it around 20 solves, still no drake mount after 40some odd jars

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devboy View Post
    Hit 405 solves, and guess what. Still no bloody mount. I don't understand, why is it not proccing I mean jesus...
    Had 700 Troll solves a few weeks into Cata, no sword. Bad luck :/

    360 Tol'Vir solves atm; got my mount a while ago, but no pet so far.

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    522 solves. Just had the FUCKING STAFF proc.... so, not pretty happy about this, but meh, it's gotta come soon.

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    Just keep going, took me 750 solves to get the mount and currently on over 1k atm with no sword (last rare I need)

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    Took me 27 solves hehehehhe. Thinking of trying to get the pet though!

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    100 solves. No mount. Gave up on Arch.

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    I think I did around 200-300ish solves with my main during Cataclysm, no recipe from jars/no scepter. When MoP came I switched my main and got both recipe/scepter within 10 solves on that character. Rng is rng.

    Still no pet though. Haven't really done arch after I got the scepter.

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    My first Tol'vir solve. I didn't do any more archeology after that until MoP.
    LOL so fuckin mad

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrifCannon View Post
    This was posted in another thread but there's a bug with the Mantid Sonic Locator which causes it to give you 4 extra digsites on the non-pandaria continents and shuffles them every time you log in/out or zone somewhere. Makes farming Tol'vir sites really easy now.
    Is that still working? Doesn't seem so, at least for me.

    [edit] It does, I just was extremely unlucky and didn't get a single tol'vir in four relogs [/edit]
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    650 solves for Zin'Rokh. I've given up.
    Sig got me infracted. This will have to do.

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