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    How do you change Legacy name?

    I tried deleting every single character on the server and then making a new one but its still there. Is there no way to do this without going to a new server?

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    I was given a free name change on one server but not another one. Like you said even deleting the characters didnt work. There has to be a way to get rid of a name you dont like. I dont see why deleting all the characters doesnt work. Or there should at least be a Cartel item that lets you change.

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    As far as I know. There isnt one. There is an option if you are transferred to a new server and someone has your name to change it. Very interesting that game even in Cartel Market has no option to change the legacy name. I'm sure perhaps you could hide it.

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    Just seems dumb that even deleting every character on that server I still cant make a new one that doesnt take on the old name. Guess I will just have all of those deleted characters restored and wait for cartel item to change it.

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