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    black ox statue macro

    I tried a lot of stuff, googled some more, but i got a lot of doubts and here i'm asking if anyone bypassed some of my problems!
    I'm trying to do a macro that cast Leer of the ox, or if there is no statue, cast a black ox statue. the problem is, i don't want to use the target feature.
    I tried use the pet modifiers, but looks like the black ox statue isn't a pet, and it is a totem. went for commands like targetTotem(slot) but looks like it is blocked. i tried to use script for conditions, but didn't have much sucess either... i was looking for something like:
    /cast [nopet] Black ox Statue; Leer of the ox
    (i know the leer of the ox have other name but doesn't matter on this)

    if nobody can help, general brewmaster monk macro discussion. Here is my macro for chi generation.
    /castsequence reset=5 Keg Smash, jab, jab

    I know that castsequence's macros have sync problems and alot of other problems, but with the reset = 5 allows you to use up to 2 gcds without messing it up(because you will want to use KS on cd). and if you can use the complete macro, it will show 3 sec cd on keg smash and you can't use jab but your energy will not cap on those 3 sec, (depends on your haste of course) so when the keg smash got out of cd, you will have almost the energy cap.
    i need some more test on it thought.
    Sorry for the english!

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    Why not use 2 keybinding for KS and Jab? Cast sequence macros will never be as efficient and you will be worse off for it.

    and would the following not work for you?

    /cast !Black Ox Statue
    /tar Black Ox Statue
    /cast Leer of the Ox

    But I am not familiar with the spells in question nor macros, so probably wont :P
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    i'm actually using two buttons for keg smash and jab, but i'm trying to cut some keys, trying to macro stuff so i could be more eficient. I feel a little overwhelmed by brewmaster amount of skills, i tank as a blood dk but i want to make the monk my new tank, i feel the brewmaster has more potential than the dk, but its harder to use that potential.
    on that macro of yours, i think you are confusing leer of the ox with provocate, (provocate is the taunt, that if used on the statue it turns on aoe taunt, leer of the ox is the major glyph that gives a taunt to the statue, so it will taunt for you(i need to test if it taunts bosses, but i belive it will...))
    we could improve your macro if we can find some way to detect our statue, imagine if our statue would be a pet:
    /cast [target=pet] provocate

    one more detail, anyone know a macro to kill our statue? like /dismisspet ... there was a macro to kill our totems but it no longer works on 5.1

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    you can thank shamans because of the kill_totem no being available
    im just curious but why would you want your statue to tank? i can get the glyhp for some situations like trash or heroics but i dont know why you would like to destroy our shield-generator.
    good job rerolling BrM, beers are great.

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    I don't think any of the things you suggested are possible. You can't use pet commands because it's not a pet, like you said, and nothing else works because it's all protected (for a reason). Target or focus tricks are the best you're going to get.

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    This works for Provoke, so not sure why it wouldn't for Leer of the Ox. Never used it, so don't know for sure:

    /target Black Ox Statue
    /cast Provoke

    Having a castsequence macro is bad.

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    The cooldown on the statue is kind of low, and if i could make it tank one or two attacks, maybe i could solo tank some bosses that require some taunt swap mechanic.
    the need to macro stuff is because my bar is really crowded and any ability that i can start to use that i otherwise would forgot is a small victory.
    i know that some macros can be detrimental, but since i'm not on edge of progression (most 10man normal stuff) i think that i can turn a blind eye on it.
    well, thanks for those advices, for confirming my suspicious, i will use the target trick for the provoke on the statue. i will put here one last macro that i tested today and for me worked well, its a expel harm / healing sphere macro.
    /cast [nocombat] healing sphere
    /cast [combat] expel harm
    since i almost never use healing sphere while in combat, i removed it from my bar, with that macro, you can use the same key that you use for you expel harm to remember to put some healing sphere in a secure place before the combat start. following the hint from the Brewmaster monk guide. (the only problem would be if you need to put some spheres while on combat, but i rarely see this happening because we have other more important stuff to use. --maybe on some fight that the boss turn untargetable and you have nothing to spend your energy on...)
    well, thanks again and sorry for the english!

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    Do you have Dampen Harm and Diffuse Magic macro'd onto 1 key? Also, how do you track your stacks of EB, FB/DH/DM/Guard CDs, Shuffle uptime, and current stagger damage?

    It's a lot different than Blood DK tanking where you actually can just absorb all the damage and out Stamina the bosses.

    Mitigation tanking has always interested me greatly and I'm hoping that there are more fights like Spiritbinder in the future!

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    Actually i don't have a macro for Dampen Harm and Diffuse Magic since i use Healing Elixirs (I know that talent tier depends on what boss you are fighting...) but if you want one i think it would be:
    /cast Dampen Harm
    /cast Diffuse Magic
    Since just one would be avaible and i think neither is on gcd, there shouldnt be a problem on it!
    Elusive Brew i track by looking on my action bar, guard i didnt have a problem tracking it by the visual effect yet, Shuffle i'm already used to look at my buffs (i use Elkanos Buff Bar). Currently im not using any addon to track stagger damage (i use bloodshield on my dk) the blizzard auras show when i hit heavy stagger. Now i made yesterday another macro, guard/purifying brew! im still testing it.
    /cast guard
    /cast Purifying Brew
    First off, i use OmniCC to see my cooldowns in seconds on my action bar, knowing that i can explain what this macro do for me:
    with guard off cooldown and 2 chi, it will use guard. with guard off cooldown and 3 chi, it will use guard and purifying brew. now, with guard on cooldown when pressed it, only purifying brew will be used. With OmniCC i can see the guard cd on the macro(because of the #showtooltip) and use it to track the time to use purifying brew (each 15-20sec or when i see the blizzard ui telling me that i hit heavy stagger)
    The problems that i had with this macro was forgetting it was a macro and spammed the hell out of it when i really needed to use a Guard, it was on cd with 2-3 sec left.
    Oh, and if guard is off cooldown and you only have 1 chi, it will use purifying brew!
    so the problem is spamming the button. Sorry for the english!

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    There is an addon that lets you create macros that put all tier talent abilities into one button, you should look into that, its about 1KB big.. just a script. The macro you have right now, wont update your tooltip, the addon will make it. Using Guard and PB in the same macro is gonna bite you in the ass sooner or later. Just get used to using them both separately, they are useful in their own circumstances. Say you had 3 Chi, and you only want to use Guard or only want to use PB.. well youre tough out of luck. You're giving up control of your character, one of which excels when controlled properly. Brewmasters don't need many macros at all;

    They need an AoE taunt macro (target statue, provoke, targetelasttarget)
    They need MO Taunts
    They want Tier talent macros

    That is basically it, you dont need anything else unless you want to free up bars with modifier macros.

    Also, Expel Harm + Healing Sphere is suboptimal, Healing Sphere is a good heal, and for fights like Lei Shi, with all that vengeance you can put out nice healing on yourself (Healing Orb scales better with AP than EH) By compounding macros, you are hindering yourself from truly being in control of your character, by creating false barriers to your own gameplay. Yes BrM has a lot of abilities, but using them all properly and fluidly gives you a very strong edge above other tanks.

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