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    Quote Originally Posted by semaphore View Post
    We don't even have a tree, pretty much ignoring it completely this year by the looks of it.
    Even though I don't really care about Christmas, it kinda sucks not having atleast something.

    You should have forced your parents, or with whoever you live with, to atleast make something festive, or a gaming session or something.
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    Nothing at all, I dont expect to get anything either. I might get laid if Im lucky.

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    Nothing :< have no one to spend xmas with...

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    Nothing at all
    My last present ( Holiday or Birthday ) was in 2001 pokemon crystal.
    21 now, I'm used to getting nothing, but it's okay since we didn't have much money back then, so I settle with less.
    Not that I would like to complain since present's aren't necessary to show someone that you love them ( alltough I love gifting other people )

    But meh, I'm more of the outsider of the family so it was a pretty normal day for me

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    Some fancy cooking equipment, that I will probably hardly ever use. Still nice to have though, I like to cook from time to time.
    A scarf, which is useful. To bad I get 1 or more every christmas, 1 is enough :P
    Money, always grateful for that. The most useful gift there is.

    And of course, as tradition. The greatest gift every year, a chocolate covered marzipan pig from my grandmother. As long as I can remember I have gotten that from my grandparents. So simple, but so awesome. It's simply not christmas without it.

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    Well I didnt get any presents, I neither do expect nor want any, but Ive had a lovely time with my family, a great dinner and in a few im going out with my friends celebrating.

    merry christmas everyone

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    A good meal with my family... good good gooooood food. Im happy with that

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    I got nothing like every other year for past few years.

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    It amazes me just how many people are happy getting nothing. Then again, I have no money or family either. Well, I have my dad, but he refuses to even say he loves me. So, he can go DIAF. Family, bah humbug.

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    In the mountains....
    A new 32' tv and a bag for sticky icky to roast on christmas day.
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    con tu hermana.
    Without even contemplating it as a gift, I got infamous 2 and the blu-ray edition of Lord of the Rings trilogy (those will be my gift for tonight)

    There was one other present that ended up being opened earlier, an air conditioner (Im not kidding right now we are at 43 degrees celcius -.-)

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    New computer and a PS Vita (PS vita to come)

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    It's not that i'm 'happy' getting nothing, It's more than I understand that the people that are close to me aren't really able to spend money at this current time. I'd be happy with some nice family time, but tbh - I mightn't even get that this time around.

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    Corsair Vengeance C70 computer case.

    2 DVD's

    Some leather gloves for safety when im driving on my scooter.

    Some shirts

    and from my boss, an invitation for a bowling evening with some other people from work. gonna be fun

    Also, CANDY!
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    I got a tattoo for Christmas

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    Decent meal. Even better found time to watch the "Watchmen" motion comic collection. Did not disappoint!

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    Well I got part of Christmas early this year due to the expense.. Universal Monsters 100th anniversary blu-ray set, and my fiances mom financed my Alienware gaming rig and is letting me pay her back at 0 interest at 50.00 a month. Plus my fiance and I got a ps3 for the household.
    Tomorrow I'll be back to fill in the rest.

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    Likely some useful money and other things.

    Will have to wait until tomorrow to find out though.
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    I got golf lessons and tickets to Seaworld from my parents. The golf lessons are okay but going to Seaworld would be my 3rd time in 4 years.

    Got a movie gift card from my brother and his family. Not sure why because we weren't supposed to be exchanging gifts. I'll take it though.

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