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    A lecture from my mother before I eventually hung up, complaining that I won't be partaking in Christmas.

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    New headset, watch, movie tickets, candy and a bit of clothes.

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    I was given a Furioso Dreadnought by my cousin.
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    You don't stand next to someone and speak In Spanish in an uncrowded area. Thats not a freedom concept.

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    120GB SSD. Perfect size for me, considering I don't play many games and I have several large traditional hard drives for my audio production files.

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    I got a headset, keyboard, mouse mat, Chris Nolan's Batman triology, a few games and some cash.
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    My words exactly. Manufacturing in the US is considerably more expensive than elsewhere, and part of that are savage regulations such as environment protection or minimum wages.
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    it really is a shame this boy was introduced to the capitalist swine fable of santa but will die without knowledge of Lenin, Marx, and the glorious leaders of the Revolution

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    Kitchenware, knives and socks. The stuff I actually asked for I have low requirements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cracked View Post
    My relatives are very creative, I got cash.
    I was asked what I wanted, I said money.

    Anything I want, I buy...

    Actually, I'd really like socks, hated them as a gift as a kid, now I'd love them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by semaphore View Post
    Pretty sure I'm going to get yelled at. Does that count?
    Aw. Who would ever yell at you?

    I'm old and boring, so i got:
    A great mixer, that have a blender-part too.
    A cutting board with deep lines in it for the moist from the meat,
    A slowcooker, with temperature-regulation. (Yeah, I like to cook <.< )
    A 20kg kettlebell
    And just because i need to pretend i'm still young:
    A Fatboy <3
    Everyone has so much to say
    They talk talk talk their lives away

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vellerix View Post
    I was given a Furioso Dreadnought by my cousin.
    Awesome. Hoping for a dark vengeance set ad maybe a meganob myself

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tekkommo View Post
    I was asked what I wanted, I said money.

    Anything I want, I buy...

    Actually, I'd really like socks, hated them as a gift as a kid, now I'd love them.
    I still hate that. I have a drawer filled with identical socks, and new ones just mess my perfect lazy-ass system up >(
    Everyone has so much to say
    They talk talk talk their lives away

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    Shower gel and deodorant (like every year), Beyerdynamic portable headphones (for the tablet I got for my birthday 2½ weeks earlier), a phone that is not from the stone age (Samsung Galaxy Gio, also acts as a 3g device for my tablet) and a 100mb internet connection for the whole family.

    I'm surprised I didn't get the latest Guinnes World Records issue this year too.

    Pretty content with it, dad will "install" the internet connection(modem) tomorrow. Hoping it has a pretty high upload speed in addition to download.

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    new headset yay! and some clothes..

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    A leather Bomber jacket, four books, a special 23.4" x 16.5" calendar from a favorite artist of mine (one that made the artwork in my sig), and a 2 TB HDD.

    The jacket itself is gorgeous and I can't stop petting it.

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    I've gotten a little over $100, some candy, and some miscellaneous gift cards so far; excited to see what I get tomorrow!

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    so far i got some books,dead or alive 5,and a xbox 360 controller also 20$ in gift cards for barnes and nobles.

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    All the parts for a new computer, and some other things that I don't know until the morning. I know I'm spoiled, I guess being the youngest and the only one still living at home has it's advantages
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    If I had the cash to pay a DDoSer, I would in a heartbeat. Especially with the way the anti-legacy crowd has been attacked by the pro-legacy crowd day in and day out.

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    The Dark Knight Rises movie, Star Wars: Darth Plagueis book, ipod nano 7th generation, $25 League of Legends card.

    Also got a printer, but I have no room or use for it so I'm going to take it back and buy my brother a monitor for his PC, since he has a really old one.

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    Hmm 2 books The Hobbit (i dunno why i havent bought and read it befor as i love the Lotr franchise) and The Silmarillion, some money and 2 gift cards some liquorice pipes and then some deoderant oh and some clothes.
    Got Dragon Age: Origins Complete and Bastion from a guildie to on steam.

    Oh and 2 christmas edition comics that i enjoy.
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    It's not Christmas yet where I live . . . but hopefully a pair of sneakers and The Dark Knight Rises.
    They ask me why I'm bringin' - A baby into battle - That's really irresponsible - And getting them rattled
    I say "give me a break - Get off of my back damn, it" - I didn't learn parenting - My daddy was a planet

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    My family only gets gifts for the children, so nothing

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