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    Question Regarding DW vs 2H with Current Gear (Single Target)

    Hey guys,

    I'm noticing with my current gear lvl being at about 496, with a 496, 476 DW weapons that if I get a Sha Upgraded weapon or the Scimitar from HoF I will get about a 4/5k DPS upgrade. However, if I just got the Sha Upgraded 2hand Axe and went 2h Simcraft gives me about an 8k dps increase.

    Now as soon as I sim with just 1 extra target my current gear even beats the SHA 2hander upgrade.

    My questions relates to, it seems we've had a really really bad drought of 1 hander drops and when I contemplate the fight mechanics in general most of the important damage seems to really come from Single Target or Adds that don't really live long at all anyway. In your opinion would you jump for the 8k increase single target or wait it out with DW Frost. I don't want to spend 10k taking the gem out so I figure I'd pick just one.

    *Also, I plan on playing 2hand Frost with no "wait" like I would DW, I know there is a huge debate on that, but regardless of what's right I prefer the tempo of DW frost and hate waiting, would it be at most a 1 or 2k dps loss for those that support a swing timer? Thus still being a 6/7k increase, if you think that matters?

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    It depends on what level of content you are at. I would recommend sticking with DW if you find it more comfortable, but if you are into min/maxing any incease in dps is important. Would like to see some numbers to help you further

    Good Luck!

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    Simulation, Single Target Patchwerk (Current Gear)
    95, 957 dps

    (Sha Upgraded 1 Hand)

    100, 378 dps

    (Sha Upgraded 2 Hand)

    104, 341 dps

    Comparing 2 Target

    2Hand Frost w/Sha Axe: 108,185 dps
    Current Gear: 108, 072

    So as we see even with my current gear DW Frost owns 2 Hand Frost just adding more than 1 target, but it is quite a huge Single Target Upgrade to go with the 2 Hand axe. So the real question is how important is the cleave for "most" fights as this is a substantial DPS increase for 1 target.

    I'd love to go to Unholy if they make it competitive, but the patch 5.2 isn't coming out soon, so it's really a question of what to do now.

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    Another thing I noticed was damn changing to Plague Leech gave me a DPS upgrade Single Target Current Gear of: 98, 901. Around 3k dps increase. That was really surprising, I didn't think this talent choice over Unholy Blight was that huge! Pretty fun dps addition with PL and BT, Any tips on using PL, I imagine use it under 3 secs w/Outbreak and with Plague Strike when Outbreak is down? Doesn't matter which fully depleted rune it refills? Anyway it puts the gap much closer then...

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    Yeah PL does a suprising ammound of help in all specs. Yeah you use id when Outbreak is available or, now that unholy is able to apply both disesase with PS in 5.2, whenever its off cd. It dosent really matter what rune it fiills, as it creates a death rune and waiting for an appropriate rune to be down would be a dps loss. AS far as 2h vs DW goes, I would stick with whichever does more single target. This is untrue for a few fights that come to mind (Garralon, Amber shaper, Elegon in a way, Stone Guard, Protectors) But looking at your gear i assume the only non-heroic you would be concerned with is protectors, but on heroics the damage will def be needed. So in short, 2H wins the day, but DW will serve you only slightly less and sometimes come out on top.

    Good Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hblood View Post
    2H wins the day, but DW will serve you only slightly less and sometimes come out on top.
    This is exactly wrong. By "exactly" I mean the truth is exactly opposite of what you said.

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    Almost every single encounter in this tier has some level of aoe requirement.

    Realistically you're going to want to be dual wield most of the time.

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    Well, I appreciate everyone's comments, I think I prefer DW and enjoy the hell out of it's fast past style. I'm just complaining more about the lack of drops I suppose, but I also do very much like Unholy for it's flavor/look and the Single Rune style finisher. I hope it does become a viable option in case I see more 2 hand drops in the upcoming tiers.

    With that said, for Unholy would picking up Unholy Blight be better for the initial snapshotting of dots and then trying to keep the super buffed dots all the time with FS?

    Or would we start the fight with a manual IT and PS and then Outbreak when all of our procs are up? This would work well but PL taking the dots off for a rune would be at issue I would think because the idea would be to keep the snapshotted dots....or all in all would we play it just like Frost and ignore the power of the dots, remove them, reapply and the extra SS be more of a reliable DPS increase than Super Dots.

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