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    Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2012 vs. 2013

    Hey guys, so I had the 2012 version of this keyboard and now just got my 2013. I only got the 2013 because my 2012 was stolen. Besides that, the keys feel a little maybe.. "heavier"? than my 2012 version. Idk, just feels a bit different, maybe I need to "break it in" or get used to it. Any thoughts or ideas as to why this is?

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    Probably feels heavier if your old one's switches were getting old and you were accustomed to the key pressing. It's a new keyboard, enjoy the fresh feeling

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    Like you said you probably need to break it in a bit to see how it feels in a couple of weeks it should be fine thou.

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    I'd look and see if they changed switches, I know black widows have had browns and blues. Blues are on the heavier side.

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    Changing keyboards will always suck and feel uncomfortable.

    I'm sure its just the old keyboard being extra sensitive from a year's worth of use.

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    Was your 2012 one the "Stealth" edition? That could be the main problem if it isnt just the new keyboard feeling.
    Stealth editions have "lighter" keys as there is only 45g actuation force while the non-stealth edition is 50g actuation force.
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    they dont deteriorate that fast. It's probably a different color or actuation force for this version, like Ripnox said.
    Allthough, this IS Razer...they could just deteriorate that fast.

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