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    25m Horde <Thunder Buddies> Looking for more!

    Thunder Buddies is a recently transferred guild from the server Sen'jin looking to make a new home on Zul'jin and continue to push 25man content. We are in the process of adding new players to form a competitive 25man, in the meantime we will push 10man progression.

    Our raid times are 8:30 to 11:30 EST Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday

    We run off of an EPGP Loot system so there is no need to worry about problems that you may run into with have a loot council that can be corrupted.

    Current Content
    • Mogu'shan Vaults 6/6 NM
    • Heart of Fear 4/6 NM

    Previous Content
    • Dragon Soul: 8/8 HM

    What are we looking for in a player?
    1) Someone who is dedicated and a focused player
    2) Knowledge of the class you are playing (can you back up what you say)
    3) Mature Players, (over 18 please)

    We have open recruitment for almost all classes

    ~Classes we are open to are:

    DPS: Open to all
    Healer: 1 Of Any Class (excluding Monk, unless amazing)

    ~As always exceptional applicants are more than welcome to apply, all will be considered.

    Apply at http://thunder-buddies.guildlaunch.com
    For questions please contact me in game or on real ID Niz#1389
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