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    Computer Case Help

    So I recently bought a bundled deal with a Diablotek case.

    The case actually isn't bad, despite the reviews. I just can't for the life of my figure out how to hook up the front blue LED's. The manual was very unhelpful and basically only told me how to screw in my motherboard and harddrives.

    It's a Diablotek Elite ATX Mid-tower, if anyone can provide any help on this, that'd be awesome. I plugged the wires that are labeled for the LEDs into the hard drive on that little corner spot, if you need pictures, I can take them. I'd like to see if I can get the LED's working.

    I got the little red hard drive LED light to work, but nothing else.

    The case (the power ring and bar above it are supposed to light up):
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    id pull the front panel and check the wiring, you can either follow it and see what kind of connector it is susposed to be or see if it has a issue out of the box that you could either fix or return it for.
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    Most cases come with a set of wires for the hdd leds, power leds, reset switch, power switch, and on board speaker for post errors, these are called your fpanel or front panel, there should be matching connections on the mother board, on most newer systems they're all connected together and only go in one way, i.e. dummy proof.

    If this isn't the case with yours just remember the little tiny black arrow on the plastic casing at the end of the wire is your positive, you'll have to look at your motherboards documentation to see which pin is positive and which is negative and be sure to hook them up in the right polarity.
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    The LEDs and power/reset connectors look like this:

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    Yeah mine look like that picture, for the most part.

    But the front panel LEDs are two wires (+, -) that are just single connectors like those. Hold on, I'll open my case and take a picture.

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    I'm assuming since the HDD LED, Power Button, Reset Button all work, that I have them plugged into the right location.
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    Case manuals never tell you how to plug in the front panel connectors your motherboard manual does look in there. From the pic it looks like a Asus amd board ? If it is a Asus board they have manuals online if you dont have yours, also do you have one of these lying around....

    They come with most Asus motherboards (or use to) make hooking up the front panel a snap ^^
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    No I didn't get that, at least I don't think. I'll go check out the manual.
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