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    the only way that some of the spot light can be removed from afflic is for afflic to either be nerfed into oblivion or destro and demo to be buffed up enough to be good enough te rival afflic and tbh i cant see afflic being nerfed into oblivion, and knowing blizz i cant see them buffing destro or demo single target dps but i hope they buff destro and demo single target dps.

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    I do hope for some kind of Demo single target boost. Too many afflocks around, i need to feel a special snowflake without suffering severe dps losses.

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    were fine and actualy i'm happy that they nerf goSac to the other options, that leave it free to choose what you like, i currently play with pet for some fights with huge movement and no chanse to cast mg (1st boss hof hc, running in circles like a bawz^^)

    edit: i hope they remove the doom / passiv attack demo change .. else demo burst is broken to me, and for destru i would love a change to havoc

    "You curse the target with neverending havoc, every <insert number>sec a double spell will be cast on this target, only usable on bosses. While this spell is active on a target you cannot use havoc"
    That would boost destru single target dps without going into pvp mimimi chaosbolt did hit me for 200k cos i suck :P

    for demo just boost doom for another 50% for pve.

    i mean there are already a lot of spells that work diffrent in pve then pvp, i don't see a reasons why not.

    Affli is fine, maybe a bit to strong but a change to mastery would fix that probably, yet i don't see a reasons why warlocks schoudn't be on top with mage,roq and hunter since we only can do dmg, wo don't heal, we can't tank (no the glyph is a joke) and we only make soulstones for the pretty effect around it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellfury View Post
    You really not paying any attention they already did that.
    Did what? Far as I know the Demo autoattack is still rolled into Doom and Havoc has seen no changes either.

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    1.) Is Affliction doing good damage? Hell yes it is. So is many other specs. Based on the vast majority of the fights, I think the 5% nerf will be fine.

    2.) I really don't believe that you gues are looking at the big picture. Demonology just kept getting stronger and stronger as Cataclysm went on, I forsee that happening again as you're able to achieve more haste/crit/mastery without sacrificing too much of another to make plateaus and other things of the sort.

    3.) Keep in mind that if Affliction is destroyed in PvE, there will be no place for it at all as PvP with Affliction sucks right now.

    4.) Looking at overall numbers, not just the patted numbers on World of Logs, I think Affliction is fine. It's falling in line nicely with most other classes, an too far ahead of a few. I don't think that's an affliction problem, I think that's a <insert spec here> problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xskarma View Post
    Did what? Far as I know the Demo autoattack is still rolled into Doom and Havoc has seen no changes either.
    I read wrong, the engrish used didnt helped aswell
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