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    When was the best time to be a lock?

    Saw this in the Rogue forum and thought I would ask it of locks.

    Although I didn't play one at the time, it seemed like BC was the best time. I remember playing s1 arena and thinking "automatic loss" when an Afflic lock entered the game (I was a disc priest). I also remember my friend topping damage AND healing meters in BGs at the time.

    What was your best time as a lock?

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    BC for sure in pve and pvp thou MoP has been nice for locks as well. Overall I would said Cata was the least amount of fun for my lock and LK was above avg.

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    PVE: Right now, Most of WOTLK, Most of TBC(crap rotation thou)
    PVP: End"ish" of Vanilla, middle to end of WOTLK, Start to middle TBC.

    "Not the best moment" to be Lock: Most of the cata even thou wasnt that bad at all
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    BC. All specs had their place.

    2nd would be right now as I'm enjoying all three and my gf has been able to back to Destro with the new Ember mechanic.

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    Nothing has yet come close to being in SWP maxing out the DPS meters pressing 1 button and watching TV at the same time.
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    T7 was the best for affliction, then the rotation was watered down for Ulduar

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    in terms of being able so shine BC of course, sl/sl for pvp and during tier 6 destro for pve.

    but in terms of fun and gameplay MoP (every expansion warlocks have changed for the better)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siggma View Post
    Nothing has yet come close to being in SWP maxing out the DPS meters pressing 1 button and watching TV at the same time.
    Good old 0/21/40 BC was the best yeah.
    Soloing as a warlock.

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    i would have to say BC too, not so much bcoz of the ds/destro spec but bcoz it was the first time locks were actually a benefit for the raid dps wise and not just brought for curse of elements. also you didnt really use only 1 button, atleast i didnt, i use life tap often enough to be considered part of my rotation, so it was twice as many buttons of any mage lol.

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    PVE: wotlk demo/destro hybrid builds
    PVP: king of the hill SL/SL back in BC. Then there was this patch with destro pvp insane burst during WOTLK.

    I think they did a good job to refresh warlocks in MoP, with fun mecanics: especially burning embers and Dark Apotheosis imo. Both are gimped and / or have limited uses sadly. PVP is horrid though.

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    When diminishing returns didn't exist and you could fear-lock someone into oblivion of course!

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    Burning Crusade, I'd say, in terms of utility.

    Warlocks have way more cool stuff in Mists of Pandaria than they ever did in the past, but Burning Crusade was like a playground. There were demons everywhere that you could enslave and use to solo difficult epic quests, or just wreck havoc. Fear lacked diminishing returns so you could go crazy with it. They were pretty strong in PvP too, I remember once seeing a rogue in AV try to stunlock an AFK demo lock only to get killed by its Felguard.

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    When I ran around with Attack power daggers and didn't wear a chest piece for 20 levels because I thought robes looked silly. Ah...memories of being a scrubnub.

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    Honestly, now. BC was good numbers wise, but gameplay was mind-numblingly awful.
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    Burning Crusade for both as people have already said.
    PVE - Shadow Sacc'ed Succubus and 2 spells, Curse of Elements and Shadow Bolt Spam until the keyboard broke.
    PVP - SL/SL specc'd lock

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    Quote Originally Posted by skarsguard View Post
    BC for sure in pve
    What? I remember BC being okay at the start, then absolutely dreadful when we reached the 1 button rotation.

    Quote Originally Posted by Buttfear View Post
    T7 was the best for affliction, then the rotation was watered down for Ulduar
    This is my vote too.

    Naxx, despite being an undertuned, "rehash" of a raid - was incredibly fun despite that, because we had a bitchin and engaging job playing affliction and I seem to remember (or at least feel, it was a while ago), that we were rewarded for the extra complexity - I remember doing pretty damn well for myself on meters.

    I miss those days, I enjoyed the later WOTLK and Cata "rotations" too, though not as much. Can't say I like affliction too much in MOP, it's still my favorite of the 3 specs, but I feel they changed affliction far more than it needed to be, just because the other 2 specs got the revamp they needed.

    When demo first seemed to become competent in BC was pretty fun, back when the felguard would just solo instances (which were serious business back then), I have fond memories of assigning CC in some of the harder dungeons and getting to just say "I'll solo that mob" and such, because the felguard was an invincible mother - then it got toned down.

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    It's always great to be a lock! Lock players persevere.

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    BC, because you could get taken down to 1% hp, chain fear, howl and death coil, combined with Drain Life and Siphon Life, and be healed to 100% while the other person dies before ever coming out of the CC chain. While it was the best time to be a lock, it was the worst time to be not a lock, at least in PVP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Siggma View Post
    Nothing has yet come close to being in SWP maxing out the DPS meters pressing 1 button and watching TV at the same time.
    Lets not forget Mages where your buffbot! Bring a mage to buff your warlocks!

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