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    [Megathread] Aion

    I never hear anything about Aion anymore. It appears to be mostly F2P now. I am trying to find an alternative to WoW to play in my spare time. Rift is cool but the instances blow and the spell detail is awful, plus the races bore me. I loved Guild Wars 2, but I crave PVE and their lack of good PVE got old. Star Wars was awful. What happened with Aion though? Was it just garbo?
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    Rift is amazing even on medium graphics the detail blows me away compacted to wow and I loved the instances so idk what u is smoking and aion is like the worst mmo to play. It was good then they descided all pvp and it fell from there

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    I played the US version (not Gameforge) and it was rather decent as far as mechanics and environment goes.

    Questing was bland, and the level grind quite tedious.

    Overall it was entertaining and the US version at least has no significant restrictions (trade / mail / chat etc all unlocked, unlike the EU / Gameforge version)

    Servers are highly populated but gold-selling, in-game advertising is rampart and after the mid-levels or so you get ganked alot (not a problem I guess if you have a pvp mindset)

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    I love Aion. As stated above, their f2p system is non-restrictive for the US version.

    Aion is a PvP based game, there isn't tier after tier of raid progression like WoW or Rift. If you're looking for this, probably not the game for you. Furthermore, getting to level cap at all will probably take most people a good chunk of time. Leveling is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than it used to be at launch, but it's still rather lengthy.

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    Apparently they have made big changes but in all honesty it might be too little too late. Ppl still play it but I think they are trying to get ppl back. I enjoyed it when I did play just they did change alot torwards pvp now I guess coming back with pve. Idk tho

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    Quote Originally Posted by sosleapy View Post
    it might be too little too late
    Most likely. Aion got a bad rep for the asian RPG grind when it first released (probably warranted at the time) and most western gamers will never try it again for this reason. It's still very asian and quite grindy in some places, but I think it's a lot better than it used to be and worth a try now that it's 100% free. If you aren't having fun, it's pretty easy to uninstall.

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    U don't even have to buy the game to play it? I might have to just go see it

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    I bought it and played it for a month right when it came out in the US. I wasn't very impressed honestly. At launch, it was very grindy and repetitive. The flying combat felt gimmicky to me, especially considering you couldn't even fly in half the areas.

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    A better expansion.
    Yeah I played. I had a SpiritMaster and Ranger. The combat the really clunky (you are locked into animations and cannot move until you complete them) The flying combat is pretty gimicky and the leveling takes forever. I did like how challenging the game was tho, there was literally no hand holding, Just doing normal quests in that game was a challenge.

    I would never reccomend the game to anyone looking for a new 'main' game but it was a pretty fun experience leveling with friends.

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    I still play from time to time. It's 100% F2P, and totally worth a second shot. They've done a ton to improve the game at launch, and it's in a very solid place right now. Supposedly the next expansion (4.0) is coming out soon, and it's going to include 3 new classes, a gunslinger, a bard/musician class, and some form of class with a mech. I'm pretty hyped for it.

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    I enjoyed Aion for a bit, but eventually came down to the choice of playing Aion or Raiding through ICC and I eventually just chose to finish the last raid I cared about over getting more involved in Aion. It was probably a mistake in the long run considering how Cataclysm went. I would probably go back and play it now if I knew anyone who played... Some of those quests are downright brutal unless you have at least a second person, if not a full group.

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    Hmm...sounds...not promising for my play style.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeonde View Post
    Hmm...sounds...not promising for my play style.
    The grind isn't even there anymore FYI. Between adding in hundreds of quests to remove the need to either grind mobs or do repeatable quests over and over, and the new fast-track server which grants 50% bonus xp till level 50, it's pretty easy to level.

    I actually enjoy the combat a ton as it consists of a lot of reactive abilities and chain combo's which give you a lot more flexibility and more interesting/situational rotations.

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    I played Aion at the beginning, but when they added Captchas to enter when you gathered mats, that really just made me instantly quit.

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    The main things that disappointed me about Aion was how grindy it was (which I've heard they've really eased up on) and the fact that flight was so limited.

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    I might consider going back to it at some point if they improve flying and get rid of that hideous enchanting grind (you know where if your enchantment doesn't take you lose -1.... and higher enchantments have a greater chance of failure) and make questing more interesting. Perhaps even if they threw in a few more of those solo instances (those were fun).

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    Nope, never liked the asian art style
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    aion is terrible. couldnt even drag myself through the first 10 levels.

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    Aion was, and is still a great, GREAT game for fun. Leveling is fun, because it no longer is a dead grindfest, (it really was, for some lvls tehre were no quests at all), now you will find quests at all lvls, if not quests daily quests, you can pick the ones you want. Doing open dungeons is also really fun, and btw, Aion dungeons were teh hardest I had played for a while (and Aion was in TBC times), you had to CC and watch out of danger at all times.

    The most important, Aion was NOT a copy of WoW... it had it's very own style, which imo, was plain epic.

    In my opinion, WoW > Aion > Rift > LotRo > GW > SW

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    I wanted to like it, but the combat was super clunky and didn't feel right.

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    Here is 2/3 of the new classes in action:

    Bard class is a healer debuffer

    Long range explosive user.
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