Currently working on: Heroic Amber Shaper!

Recruitment Interests:

1 Tank - Blood DK preferred - Monk, druid or pally acceptable - One of our tanks has to quit soon due to real life issues. Looking to replace him.

- 1 Ret/Holy Paladin(ideal) - We have no strength dps or plate int users, come play a dynamic role and get all the purples.

- Disc/Shadow Priest, or a DPS/Resto druid. You must be willing and capable of playing both specs well.

- Frost DK with blood offspec

All exceptional players will always be considered for a core raiding spot.

A brief description about us: <Void> on Mug'thol is a former US Top 40 guild. This expansion, we've dropped down to a 10M roster and are raiding less competitively. Still, we're pushing heroic content quickly. We're currently 6/6H MSV 3/6H HoF after missing multiple days of progression the first few weeks due to bad attendance issues from recruits. We have a very strong core and are just looking for the perfect player or two to round out our roster.

Raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7:30 PM CST to 11:30 PM CST. We also have Sundays as open for finishing up clears if necessary. Raiders are expected to perform their roles well without instruction and commit time outside of raids to maximize their character's potential (farming valor, conquest, darkmoon decks, crafted gear, rep, potions, etc).

If you're interested, what we'd like from you are the following:
WoL parses showing your ability to perform your class/spec extremely well.
We'd like to chat with you in-game about who you are and what you're looking to get from us.

My battletag is: Aboncher#1758. You can also feel free to add Daz#1330 who will also be able to answer most questions. Or if you prefer, you can fill out a formal app at void-mugthol dot net