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    [H-Whisperwind-US] <Cryptic Labyrinth> 10man Raiding Guild

    <Cryptic Labyrinth> 10man Raiding Guild

    **Currently Recruiting**

    {Even if you do not fit the roles we are looking for, your application will be looked over carefully, as we are always looking to strengthen our raiding team and find more exceptional players}

    We are a Whisperwind-US Horde guild and welcome those who plan to change servers, consider our guild as a place to setup a new home with a group of friendly yet elite players. <Cryptic Labyrinth> is a semi-hardcore-experienced guild looking for more members to develop and coach into seasoned Raiders to strengthen our main core raid groups.

    Raid Times: Saturday/ Sunday, 7:00pm-10:00pm Central Time Zone
    Recruiting: LF 2 Healers, 2 Ranged, 1 “possible” tank position (all still considered and can be incorporated into another group)
    Server: Whisperwind - US
    1. Attendance. Calendar invites will be sent out one week prior to the raid nights. Not showing up on time or at all can cost you loot rolls or even replacement if you continue to miss days. If for any reason you cannot attend a raid group, you must notify one of our officers/GM ahead of time. If you consistently show up at each raid, you earn yourself opportunities for rewards, gear, and progression!

    2. Homework. We ask that you come prepared to raids with at least an overview of the fights we will encounter. We will provide you with a number of well known and reliable sources, but do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed! We still will explain the fights briefly before the first pull of each fight to ensure we see eye to eye on specifically who will do what.

    3. Performance. Before you are eligible to be put in our raid group we will simply run an LFR or heroic with you to see how you compare to our other group members and to analyze your abilities. I do not ask for charts and logs, mainly just to be geared, research your class, and perform mechanics cleanly.


    Loot Rules: You are able to roll on gear for MS then OS unless specified by the leader before pulls. Missing raid nights without notifying officers will result in loss of loot rolls; the more consistent you are in showing up the more gear we can ensure you will get. Also, there will be a 1 piece per person rotation until everyone has gotten a piece, that way the group remains balanced.

    Our current emphasis is building and progressing our 10 man raid group for MoP raiding and clear all content while it is still current.

    Those interested in joining, PST Rudexyce or Lunareclipse. Battletag = Flamemagnus#1279

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