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    (A) Special Uncle - Silvermoon - New 10man- LFM raiders

    * Recruiting DPS and Healers for raiding in Mists:

    Being a new guild on this server - we are currently in need of most class and spec combinations.

    We have started raiding late in mists and plan to clear the content fast - at the moment we pug the few players we need to raid. We will continue to raid like this while we fill our roster. Hopefully this wont last for to long though.

    * What we are looking for:

    The main focus of the guild is to bring together players who wants to experience the end game PvE raiding content. Therefore, we want experienced and dedicated raiders with a passion for raiding and progression. Competitive people who are willing to go that extra mile when needed to get that boss kill.

    We expect you to be mature and positive in general. Be geared for the content we are currently raiding, up to date with the latest theory-crafting on your class, with spec, gem, enchant and glyph choices to reflect that, a stable internet connection and a decent computer. We use Mumble for voice communication, so you must be able to listen to it (though no mic is required).

    Please fill out our application form on our site: specialuncle.enjin.com/home

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    In need of a healer - Monk/Pala/Shammy - For immediate raiding

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    Raiding Times -

    Wednesday 21.00 Server time
    Sunday 21.00 Server Time

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    LF DPS ranged and melee

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