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    Mist piercing goggles

    Has anyone used it ? Does it make a big difference in gathering? I wouldn't mind making one but i really really dont wanna waste my harmony.

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    From my experience ~33% of the herbs I find are mist covered (I'm referring to a single spot) . Generally there are many outdoors but so few indoors (caves and buildings)
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    depending on the server you are on, just buy one from the AH.. ~250-500 g depending on economy. But yes, depending on your location, results can vary. I farm a specific area because I am herb/mine and i notice other people that are herb/mine that walk by mist nodes non stop. I can spot 50 nodes on my minimap , while the competition says they only see about 30.

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    I would say buy some as they will pay for themselves. Pre 5.1 they used to be awesome and gave you an extra 15-20% of nodes, but now I think its more like half that.

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    If you're still leveling engineering then just make the goggles. 5 skill points for a fairly cheap pattern.

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