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    about alts

    i start new chr in other relam can i help this chr with anything from my main ( gold / items / anything to make me lvl up fast )

    my main not in the same relam with my alt

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    not currently.. they have not yet implemented a way to get heirlooms or mail etc, cross-realm sadly. Maybe someday!
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    only mounts i'm afraid
    well and pets, but that's kinda irrelevant

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    experience in the game... sadly that is the only thing...
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    if you got pets with high value, you can try to sell them in your new realm for gold. get into a level 25 guild and quickly reach exalted by questing, than use the gold from the pets to buy yourself some heirlooms.
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    Transfer chars.

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    mmm, transfering funds by buying/collecting pets on the high level toon and selling them on the new realm is what springs to mind. Solo the old raids with new pets, Aq 40 and MC are easy to do, if you are not intrigued by challenges in soloing, get a friend for razorgore in bwl and naxx. Battle the pandaren spirits for extra pets to sell (if you have bothered with leveling a pet team). The aquastrider and grinder are also 3-4k on our realm at least.

    Beware that per prices can vary between realms (and even on the realm itself). so check it out a bit before you start investing by buying pets on the AH to relist on the other realm.

    Also, if you have friends that are willing to help out on your old realm, remeber that you can boost people in instances via cross realm features.
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    No. The only thing you can really do to level faster is find a level 25 guild that will accept you to level in for the leveling perk.

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