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    Worst Raid Encounter of the Tier?

    In my opinion, it's either Blade Lord or Garalon. The tornadoe phase is really annoying, and a boss fight that doesn't require tanks sucks when you're a tank.

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    Garalon definately.

    edit: and lei shi, thanks Mione

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    Worst in terms of difficult or worst as in encounter design?

    I personally also hate Lei Shi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzo View Post
    Worst in terms of difficult or worst as in encounter design?

    I personally also hate Lei Shi.
    Encounter Design

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    Lei Shi is a little annoying because of how random the encounter is.

    I'm going to vote for Amber Shaper as the worst encounter, though. Success is way too dependent on the random people chosen to drive the vehicle.

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    Garalon, without a doubt

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    Lei shi, i dont even get how people think how garalon can compete in badness.

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    I have enjoyed nearly every encounter from T14, but yeah Lei Shei is absolute dogshit.

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    Lei Shi is so shit.

    Garalon is great but could deal with a better mechanic for passing pheromones to each other. Blade Lord is a bit boring but fine unless you have lag - I've never survived a Heroic Blade Lord kill because of my lag I get to the end and am yanked back whilst channelling tranq just fyi. Will of the emperor is sadly quite boring and Sha of Fear Norm is just a sleep fest. Both have great ideas in them no doubt but implementation of rinse and repeat for "end bosses" is just sad.

    To clarify I have enjoyed pretty much every single boss encounter this tier but rinse and repeat fights get pretty annoying pretty fast
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    Ugh, I hate Lei Shi. I find Blade Lord to be really boring as well. Definitely the two least enjoyable fights of the tier for me-- Lei Shi is just poorly thought out, having some classes unable to assist during Hide is just awful design, in particular. Not fun at all.

    Now Vizier, can't quite put my finger on it, but that was a fun fight.

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    I've only done LFR, so I'll say Lei Shi. Her phase switches are just annoying, and I don't think normal and heroic would change that annoyance much.

    Edit: man, it's probably the first time I see a thread starting with so many people mentioning the same boss. Just shows how detestable Lei Shi's mechanics are, IMO.
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    Garalon hands down

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    Surprised nobody said Sha of Fear, 15 min fight with jumping between boss and add?

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    Like everyone else, Lei Shi. Garalon is a cool fight, but still my least favorite in HoF. From Vaults I have to say I dislike Feng. Don't know why, just annoys me. Everything is very good though.
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    Sha of Fear

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    Sha of Anger
    Lei Shi
    Sha of Fear

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    Since I tend to main characters that can do AOE without the need to target someone, I kind of like Lei Shi from just seeing her in LFR. Thrall knows, I don't want to have to heal her on Normal during Splash phases as a Monk. The amount of spike and cleave going out is suppose to be horrible during progression.

    For me, judging mostly from LFR (as my last boss downed was (N) Garalon), I want to think Ambershaper is going to be awful. If there's a real chance of wiping then it's going to be an "int check" of a boss with all the excessive "don't stand in this, attack that now, stop attacking that, attack this other thing while cleaving that, someone forgot to interrupt themselves, stop healing the parasites, someone died wipe it" going on.
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    Sha of fear.

    Encounters should not be this long.
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