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    i have a xbox 360 question

    okay so i just got a transfer cable for one of my old xbox 360 hard drives because my current xbox 360 core edition died(yes it's the standard one without any attached hard drive that was initially sold). its the big fat looking 20gb hard drive. the transfer cable says its for the model number 1499. except i've searched everywhere and it doesnt say what the model # of mine is. i can't find a model number comparison guide anywhere on the internet. the cable i got doesn't appear to have any slot where it can be inserted into the hard drive yet it states that's what it is for. the new one is a slim 250 gb edition.

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    So you want to transfer your x360 profile from your old xbox to the new one, right ? if you have xbox live, you can just download your profile to your new xbox.
    That's what i did, i just downloaded my profile, installed some games for better performance and started playing.

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    afaik you plug the xfer cable from the old hdd into the usb slot on the xbox...
    I think.

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