View Poll Results: When do you take your Christmas tree down?

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  • The day after Christmas

    4 5.19%
  • A few days after Christmas

    5 6.49%
  • The end of December

    9 11.69%
  • Some time in January

    51 66.23%
  • Later than January

    8 10.39%
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    When do you take your Christmas tree down?

    How long after Christmas do you wait before taking down your Christmas tree? Typically my family waits until the end of December. I'm curious as to what you guys do.

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    No option for lazy ones like me who do not even have one? to much work^^

    At home with my parents the house cat usually destroys the xmas tree within days, seems it gets pissed of by the reflections of the xmas balls and proceds to destroy it.
    always makes me smile that^^

    My sister's cat also destroyed her tree already, apearently those branches is hell of a lot fun to climb in if your a cat.
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    After new years day when I get a chance, usually within a week of that date.

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    I preemptively take it down by not putting it up in the first place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felfury View Post
    I preemptively take it down by not putting it up in the first place.
    Same for me.
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    when i run out of wood for the fire place, around late jan

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    13th of January, since that is St knut's day and it is the day christmas trees gets taken down, since it is the last day of the holiday season.

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    Never.. it's growing outside so why should I take it down:P As for the decorations and lights, I guess around 7th of January or so.. could be a little later too.

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    Usually, mid January.
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    After the 12th day of Christmas.

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    Early in January normally, like the first weekend. Don't remember the last time it was taken down before December ended, to be honest.

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    Around until the 10th of January.

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    We usually take it down one week into January.

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    Well i'm relegious and here we always took it down after "Drie Koningen(Dutch)" Wich translated into "Epiphany" ?

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    The only time I ever had a Christmas tree was when my father had custody of me and my brother/sister. I can't recall when it would get taken down. I would guess a week or so after Christmas since they always were real trees.

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    Christmas is January 7th according to our Russian tradition. The fake one is December 25th.

    Here is our family tradition:

    1. December 6th, the Feast of Saint Nicholas. Stockings are filled.
    2. December 25th, Western Christmas, presents
    3. January 7th, Russian Christmas, stockings filled again.

    Tree can't come down until January 8th at least!

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    ill take my tree down when im in my cold cold grave.

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    never put one up.
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    I never take mine down. Its up all year. I just change the lights and decorations to suit the next holiday. In mid January Ill put pink lights on it heart ornaments for Valentines day, then a week after Valentines Day I put Green lights on it and shamrock ornaments for St Patricks Day, then its red white and blue lights, and flags for Independence day, etc....

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    As late as I can... thus late january or something.
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