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    MMO Ferret Love party!

    Hey guys! So I just got a Ferret for x-mas from my gf (Not a suprise , we talked it over ofcourse), and I love the guy so much ^^ Its just the 2 day I got him and we have a long road ahead to train the little bastard but it is such a joy .

    He bites alot but its getting better , and he now goes to the bathroom like a grown up boy :P .

    Hes name is Smegol , an albino Ferret , here is a photo.

    So anyone here has Ferrets? If so share your storys ^^

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    Aren't those just like oversized rats?

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    All I know about Ferrets is that they're nuts.

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    I do not have a ferret, or know anything about them, but I know that it is adorable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Netherspark View Post
    All I know about Ferrets is that they're nuts.

    Haha , yes they are ^^ They love to play around with people jumping and running ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by gruyaka View Post
    Aren't those just like oversized rats?
    No they are not

    More info about them here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferret

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    Srsly noone here as more ferrets ? D:

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    Looks tempting to rub his belly while sleeping, wouldnt end up well though Nice looking ferret

    "Aren't those just like oversized rats?"

    Undersized cats

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    We already have a thread where you can post your pet's/s' images!

    Use it: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...ts-megathread!

    Lots of people have already posted their animals in there.
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