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  • We should ban all sports and athletics.

    38 15.90%
  • Football should be banned for everyone, including adults.

    19 7.95%
  • Football should be banned in high schools and colleges.

    4 1.67%
  • Football should be banned in high schools only.

    9 3.77%
  • Football shouldn't be banned.

    169 70.71%
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    Quote Originally Posted by blib View Post
    I'll ask you again, if you don't use morality as a argument at all why is rape and murder illegal? Because they have victims? First off, arguably things like use of prostitutes and drugs have victims as well. Secondly why does it matter if there are victims or not if you don't want morality to enter the picture?

    Our laws are based on practicality and morality. They are made with the goal in mind to keep a large group of people together while keeping as many of them as possible happy and let them live their life. If we discard morality what reason would I have for not killing you if it suited me?
    You're arguing semantics - what morality means. I'll let you continue arguing with yourself, you have no valid points.

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    The ppl that ruin it and go retard mode should be banned lifetime, not the sport itself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slime View Post
    I never understood how American football can be even close to as dangerous as rugby. But, I guess I would say the helmets are nasty. They are of course great when they protect, but when used to make the tackle or hit - I can see why they are very dangerous. I don't have a solution, wish i did because I really enjoy American football.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bakis View Post
    American fotball is a sissy sport compared to real rubgy or fotball (known as soccer to some rednecks), I see no reason to ban it.
    That being said, Minnesota Vikings rules!!!!! I watch every game live

    I tried to avoid the obvious "liberals want to ban everything", hope I succeeded :x
    see my previous post, you clearly know nothing about either sport to say something so incredibly stupid.

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    Not sure if subtle satire of anti-gun threads or subtle attempt to make liberals and leftists look bad by using a completely silly stereotype

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    ITT: OP claims liberals want to ban football. Only evidence he has comes from bloggers or contributors who have no say in the actual politics involved or even access to those who are involved. Regurgitates Faux News BS. Everyone laughs at his ignorance. That about sum it up?
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGravemind View Post
    If I was in his boots (and forced to join the SS in 1939 or whenever he joined), I would have tried to liberate the camp myself or die trying. He did not. He traded his life for the life of thousands of people, thus he should face the consequences
    Quote Originally Posted by Proberly View Post
    Oh would you now? It truly is amazing how many heroic people we have wasting their time on internet.

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    Alright, there's been more than plenty of political bashing towards both sides going on from the start of the thread. Doesn't seem like the thread is going to get back on track for a constructive conversation, so I'm going to close it.


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