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    Lock leveling

    Hi MMOchamp-
    I am coming back to WoW after a 4 month break (since end of cata)-
    I have 4 85s - DK, Druid, Warr, Lock

    I want to level my lock first because I think it will be the easiest of the 4
    Any suggestions/guides/specific specs?
    Tabula Rasa with me considering I only just hit 85 at the end of the xpac and dont know much about the class and I got the toon at level 80 cause it was a RaF character. How do I level him?
    Thanks in advance

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    From 85 to 90, Affliction with Grimoire of Supremacy is your best bet. Use the Voidlord pet to tank for you, and the Observer to DPS in dungeons.

    When pulling mobs, use Soulburn: Soul Swap to instantly apply your dots. Your Voidlord will taunt the mob off of you and start to DPS it. You can continue to pull mobs in this fashion as fast as you feel is comfortable - but be very careful! Your Voidlord can't AoE taunt, and his taunt also has a mild cooldown to it. So don't go too wild with the chain pulling. Don't forget to snipe more shards off of dying mobs with Drain Soul!

    For dungeon DPS, it's the exactly the same as is detailed in Evrelia's Affliction guide stickied above.

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    I am leveling Destro. I leveled my pally, hunter and Monk first then I wanted to see how my lock handled. I did take supremacy and found that i can just burn through mobs with so much ease. But other than than leveling affliction the above poster said it best. Voidlord from questing and observer for dungeons. I found so far that the warlock is the most fun to play out of all my toons. He is a beast in dungeons even at 88 I am always topping the charts.

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