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    so i have built a decent ammount of pc's and i just got done building one for my gf. It works beautifully except for 1 thing every now and then when shes on the net or playing minecraft or something her screen will go black and we will have to restart the pc. Now this happens for about 3-4 times before it stops and does not happen again. Can anyone give me some insight. I'm thinking that the gpu may be bad but thats all i can come up with.

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    We're going to need spec buddy. That's a very general problem lol.

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    SAPPHIRE Vapor-X 100358VXL Radeon HD 7770 GHz
    ASRock Z75 Pro3 LGA 1155 Intel Z75 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
    intel Core i5-3350P Ivy Bridge 3.1GHz (3.3GHz Turbo) LGA 1155 69W Quad-Core Desktop Processor
    G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 4GB
    LOGISYS Computer PS550ABK 550Watts ATX12V Power Supply With SATA and 20/24 Pin connectors

    Now like i said the screen just goes off but the cpu stays on. And i tryed hitting keys to see if they still register and they do not

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    I had black screen issues with my Sapphire HD 7970 OC. I had to return the card twice, the third one I got finally works.
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    I'm inclined to think the video card is to blame as well. Check it's temps in Catalyst Control Center, under load and while idle. Let us know where they are sitting. This may be anecdotal seeing as how a faulty card doesn't necessarily have heat problems, but it may show us that it isn't operating within general working temperatures.

    What makes you know keys aren't registering? Is the monitor flickering on and off, without actually shutting down?

    Your motherboard supports onboard video, so remove the video card and see what happens while playing games. *Edit, nvm. Looks like you bought a processor without integrated video. Disregard*.

    Try a different card in it, see if the problem persists.

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