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    Computer Fans/LEDS stay on after windows > Start> Shutdown

    Title says it all. Ive been building my computer the last week and it runs its just that ALL of the fans and all the LEDS stay on after windows start shutdown.

    My monitor turns off as-well as my keyboard and mouse LEDS. I'm not sure what is causing this.
    (Probably just something from PSU not plugged in right spot)

    Ive spent alot of time trying to plug the fans in other ways, and plug the LED, Power SW, Reset SW plugs in different ways I tried attaching them vertically to the motherboard mounting point for them and horizontally it seems either way it runs the exact same.

    While messing around with the fan plugs and other plugs Mentioned above (Power SW Reset SW LEDS) i noticed that when i do a windows start > shutdown that the motherboard has a error code "05" When i Googled this i literally found nothing at all about the code. Ive been shutting my computer down with the switch from the PSU in the back does this hurt the computer at all? because if not its not that big of a deal and ill just shut my computer down that way instead of doing a Start > Shutdown.

    Any suggestions are helpful at this point.

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    Looking further into this problem i found going through UEFI Setup that when i looking at my system overview that brings a picture up of the motherboard showing whats hooked up to it i saw that only one memory was showing it was saying the other slots were empty. I have two sticks in i just checked to see if the other was lose and it was not at all, There is one in A2 and other is in B2. Idk if this has something to do with the computer not shutting down correctly or not.

    Also i was wondering if "Intel rapid start technology" being enabled would cause the computer to not completely shut down

    "Rapid start technology is a new zero power hibernation mode which allows users to resume in just 5-6 seconds"
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    You can try turning off the Intel thing.

    I would just start by resetting the BIOS by moving the jumper in the way that is described in the motherboard manual.

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    Not really seeing information on what specs your PC is, each mobo has its own flaws and bugs kind of important. Also I doubt RAM in anyway will be able to tell your LED's/Fans to stay on, however as chaud said dump the CMOS.

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    Its fixed now thanks! i dont even know what i exactly did i just messed around with config settings and randomly it started shutting down correctly

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