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    [H]<Morituri Te Salutamus>10M - LF Core Spots

    <Morituri Te Salutamus> was founded in 2007 on the Shandris server as a 25 man adult raiding guild, with teamwork, focused progression, and a positive attitude being the keys to success. With the retirement of our founding Guild Masters, Mouldren and Alarinthe, we ushered in a new era for MTS. We became a 10 man raid in Heroic Firelands and finished the Cataclysm expansion as the number 2 guild on Shandris and the number one Horde guild by defeating the Heroic Madness of Deathwing encounter.

    If you are looking to push progression with a solid guild that has stood the test of time then look no further. We have a solid core and just need a few players to round things out to continue pushing and preparing for 5.2 launch and new raids in the new year. If you have additional questions please contact Maldirge or Tiranae on the Shandris server.

    General Guild Information:
    Faction: Horde
    Server: Shandris(PVE, Eastern)
    Guild Type: 10 man, Adult Guild - Must be 20+ to be accepted
    Raid Days/Hours: T/W/Th – 7:30PM-11PM Est.
    Loot System: EPGP /w weekly decay

    Current Progression:
    Mogu’shan Vaults: 3/6H
    Heart Of Fear: 6/6
    Terrace of Endless Springs: 4/4

    Current Class Needs:

    Medium-Low Priority

    All classes and specs will be considered on an individual basis.
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    Still looking. Apply today

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    Please check out MTS. Still a few spots open!

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    Come on down and check MTS out!

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    Still looking for a couple players

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    Happy New Year to all you guild seekers! Hope you find a perfect home for yourself in 2013. Please take a look at MTS. We're still in need of a couple more for our awesome raid team! Lots of info at our website.

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    DPS - come pew pew with us! Check out our Mission Statement and policies on our website.

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    Prayer of Mending seeking more dps to bounce off of!

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    Couple spots still open... looking for a mage, ele shaman and/or warlock!

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    Stable and friendly guild, successful progression raiding since 2007!

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    One of the few remaining guilds to offer cheeseballs. Come apply today and get yours!

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    Progress is steadily moving forward again. Hoping to clear HOF and move into TOES next week.
    Still need one of the DPS classes listed

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    mo·ri·tu·ri te sa·lu·ta·mus [moh-ri-too-ree te sah-loo-tah-moo s]


    We who are about to die salute you: said by Roman gladiators to the emperor.

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    More bosses dead this week. Come join the fun!

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    But Al, why don't they just stay dead?

    Want to witness the magic of bosses coming back to life? Hit us up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyllanna View Post
    But Al, why don't they just stay dead?

    Find the answer to this burning question -- and much much more! -- at

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    Still looking for some DPS. Join MTS today

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    MTS: good friends, dead bosses, cookies. What more can you ask for?

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    Caster dps, need one.

    Bosses dying on every side. Come join the fun!

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    I made me a MMO-Champion thread to bump.

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