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    Great WoW community. More then just a 15 min before, during raid, and 15 min after raid type of guild. ALWAYS something to do with someone in guild. EVERYDAY at peek time you have 15-20 people online while still having a rather short roster. VERY active crowd of folks. Awesome alt community! Amazing and skilled friend/casual crowd that always gives you a healer/tank to shorten ques and most importantly have fun with. Purely random player groups are a thing of the past here!

    Looking for a DPS!

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    Still looking for great caster DPS!

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    Still looking for outstanding applications!

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    Apply today!!!!! I cannot post link, but click above!!

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    I heard this guild was looking for people to apply?

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    Of course the guild is still looking for great apps!

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    I heard a rumor.. no wait.. it was true.. this guild would love to have you apply!

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    Check us out, you'll be happy you did!

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    Honestly you will be so so happy!

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    Starting heroic progression this week. Looking for dedicated raiders! Pew Pew

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    Happy weekend, guild seekers! It's a great time to check out MTS!

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    Have a fantastic Monday and apply to the guild!

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