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    Exclamation HELP! My realm died!

    Hey all, I recently came back to WoW from a year or so break and it seems as if my realm has slowly died while i was gone; therefore, I need a new realm. Most the time there about 15 people total in org and a population is literally nonexistent in other cities of course. Even during the busy hours it seems like there is nobody on. I look for 2s partners for the past week and i have gotten 3 replies TOTAL. I tried with 2 of them and they were pve geared so of course they were 2-shot. And its not because of my bad gear / reputation or anything like that, I am just another WoW'er. The realm just appears dead. I cant even find a JC/ Enchanter to make my gems and the alchemist all died guess.

    To the point, What is the most populated / active horde realm right now? With my work hours sometime i only get to play late into the night so I would like one that is somewhat active all the time.

    Any comments / suggestions help! Thanks and Merry X-mas!!!

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    WoWprogress.com can help you out with this better than most of us can.

    If you want high pop/someone's on all the time, try Illidan or a couple of the top 10 realms, I'd say.

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    If you play on the US servers, try: Illidan, Area 52, Mal'ganis, Blackrock, Tichondrius. A few of the most populated horde servers off the top of my head.

    Good luck.

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    omg http://www.wowprogress.com/realms/rank/eu/lang.en that is very sad to see the difference between those realms.

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    I really wish they'd merge some of the servers... I play on a med pop server but the other faction is almost non existent hopefully blizzard merges sometime soon...would really make the game more enjoyable for a lot of players

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