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    WoW progression server

    Recently EQ released another progression server and I have been playing it and it made me curious wether WoW would ever have one? Was wondering what the mmo champion community thinks about the progression server idea. Also wanted to know if anyone knows if there has ever been any mention of a progression server?

    Please no rants or flames. I know people will respond with blizzard has more important things to do then worry about a silly progression server. I know, I just wanted to discuss the idea of this kind of server with fellow WoW fans to see what others think.

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    Moving to General Discussions. Although it's been said 1000x before.

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    Never played EQ so... Huh?
    Quote Originally Posted by ita View Post
    I saw a tauren rolling on mail gear once and when I asked him, he said it was better than what he was wearing.
    Can you believe that? A cow wearing clothes? Ridiculous..

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    What's a progression server? :\

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    What's a progression server?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diesta View Post
    What's a progression server? :\
    You beat me to it :P
    When I want to log out, where's the save button? I can't find it anywhere, been logged in for three years now.

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    A progression server is one that starts with no expansions, as it was at launch.
    Then based on time, progression, votes, etc the server advances to the next expansion and the next, one at a time.

    It allows players to play the game as it was, at a certain time in the evolution of the game.
    EQ has a dozen expansions, so something like this is big for EQ.

    I doubt Blizzard will EVER do a progression server. Or at least, not within the next 5 years.

    If you are looking for nostalgia, there are private Wow servers at patch 1.2.1, 2.4, etc that you could play on.
    I played on the 1.2.1 and it's fun, you start at level 60 with green and blue quality gear.

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    No, this will not happen.

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    So what happens when this "progression server /s" get to BC and folks start clamouring for a Vanilla server again? Start new ones?

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    Progression server would be awesome, was just thinking of making this thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davemetalhead View Post
    So what happens when this "progression server /s" get to BC and folks start clamouring for a Vanilla server again? Start new ones?
    That's the problem.

    To please everyone you'd need 3 servers. A vanilla, BC, and Wrath server.
    All with their individual changes. Also, what patch would you keep each server at? The 1st patch for the expansion or the last one?

    Also, you would need (free) server transfers from one server to the next.
    So you could start at vanilla, stay as long as you like and transfer to BC when you're ready.

    There's no way something like that would ever happen, there wouldn't be enough demand (players) to sustain it.

    I was tempted to play on the EQ progression server, but there's too many things they simply can't change.
    And as far as nostalgia on Wow, I can either solo the raid I'm nostalgic about or go play on a private server.

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    A progression server sounds awesome at first, but then you think about farming molten core, kara, naxx........yea don't do it.

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    Blizzard has already said they won't do this.
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    Nice idea* - would be cool...but yeah Blizzard has said it's not going to happen.

    *For nostalgia reasons only. /thinks of leveling again through vanilla in the Barrens. /shudder.

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    It sounds a bit painful to support. At first it seems like it would be something that would make people stop whining so they could go back to whatever flavor was their favorite. But you know the whines will come in "I want more content in vanilla, make more raids!"

    Still, sounds like a bit of a pain to maintain since it is going to be old code and you will have to have a separate team working on it. I can't see them doing it but I have been surprised before.

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    The only reason I would want this is for a chance at the Black Battle Strider Mount from AQ opening event. That is the one thing I would actually put some time into to get. I unfortunately started this game right as that event was happening and never had a chance at it.
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    What would need to happen is they would need at least 3-4 servers, all starting at Vanilla and have it content based for the next unlock once a guild beats the content it waits about a week or so and then unlocks the next expantion, for said expantion it would be flagged on each boss that would need to be done for instance tbc would need Hyjal, Black Temple and Sunwell all cleared, then a week from the point the last boss is cleared it sets up to next expantion. i was actually talking about this last night with someone.

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    Don't necro really really old threads like this, please. There is little point to bringing up this pointless discussion.

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