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    WoTLK: Shield Bash/Pummel Macro!

    Hello guys!

    I'm currently playing on --REMOVED--. I'm currently using this macro for interrupts:

    #showtooltip Pummel
    /cast [equipped:Shields, stance:1/2] Shield Bash; [noequipped:Shields, stance:1/2]; [stance: 2] Shield Bash
    /castsequence reset=5

    What I like about this macro is that pummel actually works when both your weapons are disarmed, but the Shield Bash is a much more powerful because of no rage dumb due to not changing stances and also awards a 2 sec longer lock. So, what I need is a macro that equips my 1-hander n Shield and Shield Bashes my current target when I'm in either Battle Stance and Defensive Stance and when I'm in Berserker Stance I want to Pummel to go off instead. And here's the tricky part I guess...I want to be switched to Berserker Stance and use Pummel when I don't have my 2-hander or 1-hand and Shield equipped (rogue dismantle).

    I need two sperate macros: One for my current (main) target and one for my focus target.

    Note: Pummel requires Berserker Stance and Shield Bash requires 1-hander n Shield and either Battle Stance or Defensive Stance.

    If anyone could make this macro possible I would be so extremely thankful!

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    Come on macro experts rly need your help!
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