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    Exclamation Need Warrior Help/Info On Anything And Everything!! *Links Would Be Good*

    Hello Experienced Warriors/Players

    I am looking for a few "Website Links" that are a good soild base for reseaching
    as much warrior help/content/pve/pvp Info for a new player to take the time to read up
    on anything and everything, about warriors anything you can give me or help me in the direction would be greatly appreciated

    Information Needed
    Specs- Arms PvE,PvP Fury-PvE,PvP Prot-PvE
    Any Basic Macros That Will Help Gameplay Out

    I have put some time in WoW-Wiki,Few Forums On Battle.net
    Some stuff helped, but everyone has there own opinion about stuff.

    Currently i have been told the best way to learn is to level as it is what i am doing
    but i think for me anyways i would like to research while leveling and put some of the tips n tricks into action while leveling so they will come to a reaction and or routine.

    Anything at all will be greatly appreciated. Thank You All For Your Help

    Other Fourm Links Towards This Kind Of Topic Will Be Great Aswell As.

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    Sir, have you looked at the top of the Warrior forum, Sir?

    Sticky: The Warrior Protector of the Pandarian Mists: A Protection Warrior Guide
    Sticky: "Fix my DPS" - Log analyzes and general help *READ OP FIRST*
    Sticky: Warrior Point of View Tier 14 Raiding Videos
    Sticky: Mists Fury Warrior Guide
    Sticky: Weapon vs. Weapon - What weapon should I use?
    Sticky: Common Warrior Macros


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    Here's a helpful advice, before you do something you're going to regret: reroll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Headswillroll View Post
    Here's a helpful advice, before you do something you're going to regret: reroll.
    I'de pick a warlock or mage.

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