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    need advise

    Hi it’s a typical question and its just for pvp.elemental blast or primal elementalist?
    And I’ll explain.(I’m not going to say something new)
    As p.e i have 2 strong cds (fire-earth elemantal)and its obvious that earth elem is a life savvier.
    With fire elemental i can dps by running away and heal or dps if I’m in los etc.
    The bad thing is that they are at 5 min cds and are totems so it’s easy to bring them down.(although relocation it’s a solid answer to protect totems)
    Elemental blast it’s for me like a mini cd that if it crits its awesome and you have the way in hidden burst with e.b+l.b+flumin
    But..... its spell with long casting time and you may also have los problems
    My favorite was p.e but i see more and more ele shammies using e.b...(if elemental mastery comes like it is in 5.2 i think e.b will be a must have)
    If your answer has some maths also it would be most helpful..

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    If you're speaking from a PvE perspective, atm EB is the superior talent in almost all situations.

    In a PvP situation, if you're interrupted while casting EB, you'll be locked out of all schools for the duration of the silence so that's generally considered no beuno.

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