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    [Music] Looking for a song title

    The melody in question is from about 2:56 to 3:03 in the following youtube-video:

    I remember this melody from somewhere, but for the love of me cannot remember where I heard it.
    It's slowly driving me crazy not knowing this, so I decided to ask for help here.
    Can anybody tell me where this is from?

    PS: I think I should also mention that only until 3:03 is familiar to me, the very last bit of it(3:04 onwards) is different from what I remember.

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    Nevermind, just found out where I knew it from. (I heard it on "The Debarted", during the compilation of clips where Bart's plans were foiled by Skinner and Donny. The song itself is "Shipping up to Boston" by Dropkick Murphys.)
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