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Thread: Xmas botting?

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    Xmas botting?

    Over the last week or two i have been doing a lot of pvp leveling from 85-90 on various characters as questing gets boring once you done it a few times.... and i dont know if others have noticed this but the sheer amounts of bots particularly after about 9:00pm gametime is insane. I literally just played a SOTA game whereby over half of my team were bots. Over the years i have come to expect to see 1-2 in a BG thats pretty standard. But its got to the point in recent days where its making the BG's very difficult to play. Luckily i have both alliance and horde characters so i can switch depending on whichever side seems to have the most bots but for people without that luxury it must really be hell.

    Is it really that hard for blizzard to stop people from doing this? i know they say they usually sort these problems in waves, but it feels to me like its about time for one of these waves as when there is less players than bots it really makes BG's very difficult to enjoy.

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    Play amongst them and be quite. They are not going away. Blizzard will ban one as 20 sign up. Bots are incredibly big business. Blizzard will tell you what you want to hear.. "we dislike bots.. We will get to them... Right after we boost and buff this Mage"

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    I've already posted in quite a few threads lately about bots, so you can go and look in those other threads (hint hint, no need to make more about the same thing) if you want an answer.

    Also, inb4 huge bot ban wave.

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