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    Elemental shaman + shadow priest?


    for this season (and coming) I am planning to get my elemental shaman a spin. Escp, after the buffs in 5.2

    Can someone recommand a 2vs2 with an elemental shaman ? and or 3vs3?

    Thank you in advance,

    (as the tittle says I was hoping to pvp with my friend who plays shadow this expansion sofar)


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    hpala+ ele + almost anything will work I gues

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    spriest is probably your best 2v2 partner. good dps and decent offheals, peels, support.

    mage or spriest is good for 3v3, lock decent also. id say spriest is your best bet all around though, the offheals will really keep you alive.

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    Rdruid + Fmage + Ele Shaman is the best Ele comp imo.

    Sparing that, I'd do Ele Sham + Feral Druid + Hpal (or Mistweaver after 5.2).

    The problem with Ele + Shadow is that both of those need someone capable of peeling well for them (Fmage's being the best at that, hence god-comp with an ele - which will likely be better than god comp after ele buffs in 5.2). Feral has enough support and survivability and pressure right now to also make the comp effective, and that lets you get an hpal or mistweaver for repentance/paralysis.
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