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    Lol a million...
    Losing the ability to do SOOOOO many things. Losing the enjoyment that comes from those things. Losing the attraction from the opposite sex. Not even remotely close to worth 1 million. I probably wouldn't give an arm for any dollar amount. Possibly for enough to solve most of the world's money related problems but that's about it.

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    Hell no.

    Now, you can have a finger or a couple toes. But the arm is just too pertinent to the enjoyment of said million dollars. I really can't think of an amount of money I'd make that trade for... yeah, not happening.
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    No more gaming, no more motorcycles, no more job, no more drawing is not worth $1,000,000 to me.

    Hell, even a billion isn't worth it.
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    i would rather keep my arm, because its more priceless then money that will eventually go away.
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    I'd like to keep my arm/s, gaming and grabbing strangers is to much fun to pass up I'm afraid.

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    A million bucks is nothing nowadays, though of course I wouldn't mind it, but no, I wouldn't trade my arm for any amount of money. That's stupid IMO. It's just money. I'd rather have both arms and be healthy.

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    Maybe 1 billion and I get a synthetic arm that works just as well.

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    Only Dr. Evil would think a million dollars is worth that much.

    No. I wouldn't even consider it for less than 100 mil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mypally View Post
    haha, so funny side note. At this point in the voting, it is more one sided then the "would you castrate yourself to live longer" poll
    That's because you don't really need your testicles if you already have all the children you want.

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    I won't be giving my arm for a sum that's less than my yearly interest....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niberion View Post
    I won't be giving my arm for a sum that's less than my yearly interest....
    Laughed at you, then saw your location, and laughed at myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Netherfall View Post
    Yeah, expect if you die from removing said arm, there really isn't a point in obtaining a rather pitiful amount of money given what you're sacrificing, right? Removing a limb is pretty life threatening as is.
    Ya but if you say no then die in a car accident on the way home from said arm/money meeting your arm is pretty useless and now you don't have a million dollars to pass on to your family. You can be ridiculous and go straight to the death card, but I'm thinking in this scenario if everything goes ok with the monetary transaction then everything would be ok with the surgery.

    Also I said I'd probably say no, but its worth thinking about.

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    1 million is no where near enough. keep arm

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    Sadly 1 million of any currency isn't worth too much these days...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smitus View Post
    There are no strings attached to money. An arm for a million dollars, that's it.
    That's a PRETTY BIG STRING attached

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    Maybe fifty million. Not 1.
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    Not for any amount of money.

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    1mil isn't that much money so no, 100 million maybe?
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    Not likely. I'd be tempted to do it if more money were involved though (as in enough to pay for a good cyborg arm and still be rich after that's all said and done).

    Otherwise, no. My favorite hobbies are gaming and playing guitar, and those are both kinda hard to do with one arm. I don't want to be rich if the cost is giving up both those hobbies.

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    Keep Arm, a millon dollars is nothing these days.
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