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    How can someone even think about giving up an arm for money? I wouldn't do it for any amount. There is much more to live for than money. But ofc everyone has their own opinion.

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    Can i please have 1 billion? Atleast then i can buy a new robotic arm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herkaleez View Post
    Ya but if you say no then die in a car accident on the way home from said arm/money meeting your arm is pretty useless and now you don't have a million dollars to pass on to your family. You can be ridiculous and go straight to the death card, but I'm thinking in this scenario if everything goes ok with the monetary transaction then everything would be ok with the surgery.

    Also I said I'd probably say no, but its worth thinking about.
    I guess, but a million is piss change nowadays considering what you can buy. I guess people just have low standards of their arms, but that's another matter.

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    I can make more than 1 million with both arms (with sufficient time). And have much more enjoyment out of life at the same time. Makes no sense at all. If it was, say, a billion for a leg... That might be worth a thought. Or a million for a kidney. That's more realistic for 1 million for me. But kidneys are cheaper than that anyway.

    And to people saying something about prosthetic/robotic arms - I don't think the technology is there, and a million, or even billion, won't make a big difference even if you donate it all to science.
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    if i can afford a prosthetic arm with a fleshlight on the end where the hand should be with a million dollars then yes I would do it

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    Quote Originally Posted by ralh View Post
    I can make more than 1 million with both arms (with sufficient time).
    But the incremental value of that arm is likely less than 1 million. For example, if you can make 1.5 million with two arms, but only 750k without an arm, you make money by giving up the arm (not to mention the time value of money - a million today is worth far more than a million in 20 years). The life enjoyment thing is a factor, of course, but be careful even with that. Research tends to show that you would be just as happy with one arm as you are with two, after dealing with a (relatively) brief period of depression shortly after losing the arm.

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    1 million dollars? In todays society thats not enough to ensure a comfortable living (+ all the extra costs of living with 1 arm). I know a person who has 1 hand, and I think if he had a choice and a million dollars, he would trade that million dollars for a second hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by someotherguy View Post
    lol, that reminded me of:

    Did you say it on purpose, or you're actually trying to pick a sweet spot for how much your arm is worth?
    I'm simply stating for 10 million + I'd lose an arm. I can retire and live life with freewill, that is worth an arm for sure.

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    I'd do a lot of impermanent things for 1M, but this one's tough.

    Make it the left arm and throw in a top-tier prosthetic, I'll do it. Medical work is wicked expensive.
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    Maybe a leg I'd think about but an arm, no way - Prosthetic legs can help you walk pretty easy and I'm not athletic anyway, but it's extremely hard to get a prosthetic arm with anywhere near the dexterity of real ones and I value my hands far more than my legs, I do way too much gaming and also I play the trumpet and the piano... I would not give that up for a million.

    If I did end up giving up a limb for money I'd spend the rest of my life guilty if I didn't give it to charity anyway, maybe that's just me, but knowing there are a lot of soldiers and also people who just lose their limbs in accidents living on the poverty line and I was getting paid to give it up optionally? Would not want that guilt.

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    Keep my arm!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Majad View Post
    I have no idea, but if a prosthetic arm would cost less than 500k Dollars, than probably, yes, as long as the arm can do what the original could.

    Still... I think I'd like to keep my arm.
    No, it couldn't. We're not yet at the moment when prosthetic limbs work the same or better then regular limbs. If you'd get a limb that works on battery you'd need to recharge it every so often. It wouldn't be as mobile, it couldn't carry same weight, it couldn't do specific movements or finesse stuff. You also couldn't feel anything from it as... it's not a real arm yet it could malfunction, break etc and it wouldn't heal on its own or with a easy operation, you'd need to mostly replace either the whole arm or a very expensive part.

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    Everything I want to do in this world would be possible with one million dollars, but much of it wouldn't be if I were missing an arm.

    I'm going to have to pass. Now, if it were some fingers or toes, or even a foot, I would take the money, but an arm is just too much.

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    The money you'd lose from not being able to work normally would greatly outweight the 1 million.

    so no.
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    Can't game or play piano without an arm, or not well anyway.

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    Depends how I lost the arm and if I could find it and sew it back on xD
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    Not for 1 million. Cause I'd probably put 1million into the robot arm I'd be getting. Would have to be AT LEAST 10million..
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    $1m would run out faster than you think, and you'd have an entire life of being a 1 armed handicap..........

    So NO WAY!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackarthas View Post
    if i can afford a prosthetic arm with a fleshlight on the end where the hand should be with a million dollars then yes I would do it

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    Arm is worth a hell of a lot more than 1 million.
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    whew, thats a tough question. is there any way for my arm to be re-attached? or is it one of those, once you lose it its gone for good type deals? my dad has had both of his legs removed from the knee down and he has some pretty awesome joint prosthetics that bend like a real knee. even has a remote for each one. prosthetics are getting pretty advanced these days so id have to look at some arm ones before i made my choice.

    also do i get to pick? if so it would have to be my right arm, as im left handed and that would just royally fuck me up having to learn how to use my right hand for writing and eating and stuff

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