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  • Trade my arm

    29 6.11%
  • Keep my arm

    446 93.89%
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    I would keep my arms.. cant play without

  2. #122
    Maybe if it was a billion.

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  4. #124
    probably for 20+ but just a million? no thanks

  5. #125
    1m? No way.

    1b? Probably.

    Maybe my pinky finger, for a billion that is.
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  6. #126
    Just 1 mil? No.
    100 mil? Possibly.
    Leg for 1 mil? I'll concider it.

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    Give me an augmented arm like in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and I'll pay you to do the operation.

    Otherwise, no. Not a chance. My body is priceless (to me).

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    PS: Dollar sucks, can we have Euros instead?
    Your post doesn't deserve a slot in my thread! But it would make the perfect coaster for my drink!

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