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    Possible bug with Sac Pact

    I posted this on the wow fourms but wanted to also post here to see if anyone knew anything about it

    So I had heard rumors about sac pact being bugged in pvp, being broken almost instantly after only a few attacks when the problem doesn't present it self in PvE. Biggest rumor is that resilience doest affect the shield. I was doing some pvp in WG earlier and noticed as well how quickly my shield fell with only one melee on me, after looking through skada I noticed I only had 160k absorbs listed despite my shield giving me 250k. After looking back I noticed the same value through in each fight.

    Thats roughly a 30% reduction. So I wondered, maybe its affected by battle fatigue. (the 30% healing reduction after getting hit by a player) Lo and behold after some tests dueling it looks like this is the case. If I popped my sac before being hit it listed at 250k as normal and took as much dmg to break. Then I had my duel partner attack me first before activating it, it listed at 160k and went down as such too. each time pet was at full health, I tested it again with my twilight ward and got similar results 60k absorb goes down to 40k.

    Now I understand that absorbs are normally affected by battle fatigue otherwise healers with absorbs would be crazy overpowered, or at least desired over other healers. But we aren't healers and this isn't a reliable off healing ability like hybrids have, its a defensive cd, and right now being affected by battle fatigue its pretty weak.

    Don't know if this is a know bug or a intended feature but I hadn't seen anyone else talking about this.

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    If you're right, then that would be pretty bogus. Regardless though, if the PTR change for Sacrifical Pact is not reverted then it won't matter, because it won't be viable for PvP anymore anyway.

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    I have to say it breaks pretty fast, however, I never bothered to look if it was because it wasn't affected by resilience or because battle fatigue.
    Nonetheless, the talent will be useless in 5.2 if the nerf goes live. Heck, you should see arena junkies on how many warlocks are going to reroll for 5.2 because we'll be the most underpowered class.. ( I said class, not spec )

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