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    Videos editing and recording software

    Hello everyone!

    So I have a bit of a problem and I need your guys help.
    I am going to start making videos for youtube n such and just as a general hobby.
    I have had Fraps for years and love the program and are very conferable with the setting and with my computer I have no problems recording and playing on max fps.

    and that's where the good news ends... I have had Adobe Premiere Elements 9 for some time now and I really just got into editing again... I noticed that after a few days of playing around and maxing out everything to make 1080p videos, that Adobe premiere elements does not like Fraps. (I know cool story bro)
    but here is the kicker.
    As I have had adobe elements 9 for some time I decided because I want to get more serious in editing I Bought elements 11.... and it is On route now. So over the past few days I have been scouring the intewebs/ Adobe forums to find a solution to fraps and Adobe. now the issue is not that the files don't go into Adobe Elements its more it almost compresses it and makes the quality terrible. (short form of the actual problem)

    Sooo in a nutshell I have $150 in a program that wont work with fraps (hurray!...not) and seeing as its software I know a lot of places are Iffy on returns on that!

    But more on to my question. How is Fraps with Sony Vegas and in particular Movie Studio Platinum 12 Suite. I know a lot of people use Sony Vegas to edit there Fraps. but I just want to make sure I'm not going to wait a week for this delivery and find out I have the same issues.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Thread: Videos editing and recording software

    The fraps recordings are too large to do anything with and the Elements compression is not good. I suggest using a good video compression software like Digital Media Converter Pro and select the MP4/h.264 codec to compress your fraps recording. It will come out much smaller in size and very clear. Then you perform your editing in Elements 11.

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    There's no reason Premiere Elements shouldn't be able to make perfectly fine looking videos from a fraps source.

    Make sure your project setting match your fraps footage settings; don't just use one of the 1080p presets without checking the specific settings they use, they're for Blu-Rays and such, so things like the framerate probably won't match.

    Also make sure you're exporting using a codec that can actually produce good quality video. Just because something is set as default and supports 1080p video doesn't automatically mean it's any good. h.264 usually works great for me, but again, make sure the settings (mainly resolution and framerate) are the same as your fraps footage.

    Have you also checked the frapsed footage to make sure it actually looks good? I know you said you're confortable with the settings, but if you have something like 'half size' checked in the fraps options, the video will come out at half resolution and will be pretty much unusable. You should be able to play the files back in media player, it will probably run a bit choppy, but you can use it to check the quality.

    And finally, no offense to adam718, but I would advise ignoring his post. Fraps files are great for editing. Compressing video before editing it only reduces the quality, and if you're going to be editing with Elements anyway you'd have to recompress it again when you're all done, so it just doesn't make much sense.

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    Segmented fraps files have problems sometimes with video editing programs. Get a new version of fraps that records big files and you won't have problems importing it anymore. Updates to fraps are free btw.
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