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    Didn't mean to offend you or anything. The whole point I'm trying to make is that the broad definition of a monk is someone who practices a form of religious or philosophical asceticism, which the WoW monks really don't, so I feel calling them monks doesn't suit them. If all you can respond to me with is "blizzard's word is law, fantasy is fantasy", then I'm afraid we don't have much to discuss.
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    Inspiration for fantasy comes from real life, yes?
    You answered your own question.

    Inspiration does not mean you take all aspects of some thing and create something else. Inspiration means taking certain aspects from something that appeal to you and tweaking them till you have your own thing.

    In the case of Warcraft monks, Blizzard most likely took the mastery of combat from the Xiaolin monks and the focus on Zen. It doesn't mean it has to completely adhere to the complete real life definition.

    And it certainly doesn't mean that a dragon can be called a tomato. The definition of a paladin in real life and the definition of a paladin in Warcraft are different. The same with monks.


    Quote Originally Posted by Roggles View Post
    I'm just trying to say that a different name would have suited WoW monks than just calling them "monks". Why must I get so much hostility over this?
    As I said, and as the person you quoted said, the definitions of things within Warcraft lore aren't necessarily the same as the definitions for the same things in real life. You're getting hostility because you went along and said "well if monks can be called monks but they're technically not IRL monks, then death knights are paladins and Deathwing's a rotten tomato", which is ludicrous and simply proves your lack of knowledge on the distinction between lore definitions and real life definitions, as well as the concept of inspiration.

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    I'm interested in this "Deathwing is an expired tomato" theory. Would this make Wrathion a Wasabi Pea?

    Personally, I would agree with Madgod on this. Yes, fantasy takes inspiration from real life, but that doesn't mean it has to (or is meant to) mirror real life. I can see where you are coming from, what we commonly think of as a Monk, isn't necessarily what was created for WoW. Hopefully you can see the similarities with it though. The inspiration if you will.

    I'm curious, if not a Monk, what would you have called the class?

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    I can't stand it when people make these kinds of comparisons.

    It's a game for crying out loud. That's like comparing Shamans irl to Shamans in game. Hey the Shamans in game shoot lightning bolts out of their hands and smoke people upside the head with weapons filled with lightning, but the Shamans irl are generally older folk that use herbs and "magical" incantations to heal people. I DON'T SEE ANY LIGHTNING BOLTS SHOOTING OUT OF THEIR HANDS, CHANGE SHAMANS INGAME TO BE MORE LIKE THE IRL ONES!!!

    Seriously folks like this has got to be the most ridiculous thing I have read on the forums in quiet some time... if videos games were more realistic THEY WOULD SUCK AND THE WHOLE POINT OF PLAYING GAMES WOULD BE RUINED! Why would I play video games that were like real life when I could go do it myself? NO! I want to shoot people in the face with lightning bolts and destroy their families only to have them come back to life in 5 short minutes so I can do it all over again!!!


    for now.

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    A rose by any other name... etc. etc. Seriously. They could've called them qwijybo's if they so desired. They wanted to evoke the mythos of the martial arts practicing monks of Asia, also known as not the guys who simply lived in monasteries in Europe recording things in books.

    If this really bothers you, then you have my congratulations. Because there are far larger problems in the world, and I feel you're fortunate that they don't take enough of your time to make you not notice this one.

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    fyi: real life monks tend to eat/drink a lot too, of course it depends on their beliefs/philosophy.
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    Fun Fact: There are plenty of sects of Monks who are RL Brewmasters on top of spiritualists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Madgod View Post
    In the case of Warcraft monks, Blizzard most likely took the mastery of combat from the Xiaolin monks and the focus on Zen.
    Alas, if they really took the mastery of combat from Shaolin monks properly, then WoW monks would be OP beyond belief

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    Ever drawn comparisons between real life druids and the druids in WoW?

    Not even remotely similar. So?

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    so by your definition OP, priests are far worse.

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    Same could be said for Hunters.
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    Blizzard kind of mixed the "Monk" with the "Brewmaster" so that they could be one class and not two.

    To answer your question. No, the Monk class in WoW is not like a real Monk. What we have in game is a drunken kung fu master. However it is close enough that you can just pretend that your character is not drinking.

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    OP you have made the fatal mistake of criticising warcraft the most perfect and flawless game in the universe. There will be no actual discussion because everything not positive is an attack and must be defended as one. For what it is worth I think you had a point I am sure its not that big a deal to you just something you thought you might share with other people playing the game, seldom works out like that unfortunatly

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    As others have pointed out there are many classes that don't act like their "real world" counterparts. Druids, Shamans, and Priests would spend an inordiante amount of time communing with their deities, nature, spirits, etc. Rogues would spend all day looking at intel and doing actual infiltration (oddly that would mean role-playing). Hunters would actually bring animals in to be skinned and butchered. Warriors would fight actual wars instead of running pies across Elwynn Forest.

    All that aside.. yes they could have made monks feel more monkish still, but that is true of the other classes also. It's a video game first and foremost and it's really up to the players to do a lot of the immersion if they want it.

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