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    Quote Originally Posted by LI2Atronach View Post
    Yeah I did. But the assumtion of equal uptime is the point... That's just theoretical.
    If your point is "Yea but the level 90 talents don't work in practice" you will not get any argument from me, but then again, I have already made my position very very clear on that. I'm not quite sure what you are hoping to accomplish by making it seem like I believe the contrary.
    It mostly just seems like you are trying to pick a fight for the sake of picking one. That, and your desire to "one-up" people (even though you are wrong) and be a 'forum hero' is clouding your ability to take a look at the context of what I am saying.

    The question asked in the OP has been answered. The thread can then either be closed or (since its still open) move on. That is what the context is. The conversation has moved on. Coming in here and qqing about someone trying to move the conversation forward towards a new constructive direction is not only as childish as complaining about typos, but counter productive as well. Funnily enough, it is also a classic mark of the kinds of things your best friend Lhivera does when he wishes to derail a thread.

    As a side point (since you seem confused as to what my standpoint is), I would like to emphasize;

    Math is not bad. Never have I either believed that, said it or even eluded to it. I have never had a problem with the Math, in fact, I am pretty sure I understand the math behind a lot of things far better than the average forum poster. My problem with Lhivera (as well as many others') is not that "he does math and math = bad", my problem is that he has only the math.

    Many, many, many, many times have I stated that looking at design from only a mathematical perspective is a flawed approach, you need to be able to focus on the non-mathy aspects of gameplay. However, this does not mean that you can ignore the math.

    You do the math, fine. But then you must go deeper. It is this second step that Lhivera (and Blizz) do not seem to be able to take.

    We, however, can. And we will. But in doing so, we must first show that we have complete mastery over the math as well (which, trust me, we do).
    What I am attempting to do (which, if you bothered to understand it, I'm sure even you would appreciate, even though after looking at your posting history, it seems you only made an account on these forums for the sole purpose of trolling me - i'm flattered btw) what I am attempting to do, is to get the community ready to dive into the level 90 talents in 5.2, since, we hope, they will be getting some attention soon.
    To do this, we must redo our framework for their analysis (since, we all can agree, we did not have a rigorous mathematical framework to analyse them thus far - the 'math' that lhivera does is laughably inadequate). This is precisely why I spent so much time convincing Logix, a math heavyweight from EJ, to return and help the mage community (side point: Lo, I can see you made an acc on these forums, come post and say hi!). I could do it myself, but he is very very good.

    Though then I come in here and see posts like yours. Ones that really don't care about the class or about anything other than your little 'one-up' forum drama game and I think to myself "why do I even bother?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imnick View Post
    And what would the disadvantage be?
    A glyph slot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orangetai420 View Post
    A glyph slot
    And for a mage that would cost? Now you might wanna go check mage glyphs. There is not a single really useful glyph for arcane PvE, for fire PvE there is only glyph of fire blast and maybe combustion glyph for patchwerk type fights, and even fireblast glyph is going away. So it costing a glyph slot for a class that doesnt really have usefull pve glyphs atm, yep its not really a disadvantage..

    And yes glyph of evocation and mana gem are both nice for Arcane, but not having them is hardly gamebreaking anyways.

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    It's just that Frost only have 3 major glyph that can be skipped. As Arcane and Fire, the glyph model "choice but not mandatory" is respected but as Frost, isn't not the case.

    But since it's only for Frost, that's not a problem ...
    (troll inside)
    The answers is 42

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