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    Can I overclock a regular 660 to 660ti performance?

    I just really wanted to know if the 660ti is a totally different card or just a super factory overclocked 660? I mostly want to just save few bucks and get a regular 660 an overclock it myself .

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    Also will a regular 660 non ti max rift at 1920x1080? Will it get 25+ fps during zone events?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dashflash890 View Post
    Also will a regular 660 non ti max rift at 1920x1080? Will it get 25+ fps during zone events?
    depends more on CPU aswell, but i do think a 660 just lacks that last punch to achieve that maxed out.

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    The 660ti will be inherently faster because of the extra CUDA cores, those can't really be made up for easily by overclocking.
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    The 660ti is based on the kepler 104 while the gtx660 is based on the kepler 106. This means basically that the two cards will behave very differently and performance will look completely different in shader heavy games. If you plan on playing games that aren't so shader heavy and don't have alot of AA, the GTX660 will perform about equal. For the AAA titles though, overclocked or not, the two cards aren't directly comparable. I would compare the 670 to the 660ti long before I would compare it to the GTX660.

    I would still recommend the GTX660 as a buy though, it is right now the best performance for money out there and will max most games available.

    Will the GTX660 run Rift on max settings at over 25+ fps? -Yes, most def. Provided you have the CPU to run it at that fps @ lowest settings now.

    edit: the gtx660 also requires only 1 6-pin pci-e connector and allows ppl with small PSU's awesome performance without having to do major upgrades.

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