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I don't know what kind of gear you leveled with, but just going with quest gear, I had a difficult time leveling. If I pulled 5 mobs, guess what? I died! If I pulled 10 mobs, they wouldn't get past half hp.
Leveling with full heirlooms (helm/shoulders/chest/back/pants/weapon/trinkets) with dungeon blues filling the gaps, my elemental shaman was by far the weakest caster I've played. Taking five casts to kill a generic lower-level quest mob has not been my experience on any other character in the pre-85 levels. My shadow priest in the same gear was killing everything with a single application of Shadow Word: Pain. Ditto for warlock's Corruption (and he grew up in a time before heirloom pants).

I have great sympathy for anyone who levels elemental from the start without BoA gear.