Hey all i recently got on the PTR and will be making a couple of videos specifically aimed at the 5.2 changes to shaman (elemental and enhance pov)

What ive found so far is a few things;
Flame shock glyph is pretty lackluster in PVP, i think a lot of people overlooked the pvp power and pvp resilience aspects, ive found that in full malevolent gear it ticks for about 600-650 health and crits for 1600, however in PVE its very nice, ticks for about 1400 and 2500-3000 crit heals. This will probably be amazing for enhancement given the lava lash mechanic.

Stone Bulwark totem still feels like it needs more, its now absorbing about 46k in decent gear in pvp which i guess isnt bad but i still dont know if its worth it over nature's guardian.

The Elemental Mastery change is amazing, 1min cd 30%for20sec haste is just very nice, gives us a lot of options in terms of using it defensively OR offensively and we arent penalized as much for doing so.

Shamanistic Rage for elemental is exactly what we needed i feel it will make us more on par with top tier pvp specs.

Unleashed fury change gives us a lot better burst in pvp as its 10% more damage in ascendance which is really nice.

Anyway i discuss it further in my video, this one is elemental POV but i will bump with enhance POV later tonight when that video is up also, and i'll also be making some PVP videos to show the general improvements in terms of survivability and damage over the next week.

(I realise there is a dedicated 5.2 shaman changes thread but that is just discussing patch notes and not actually the experience on the PTR when putting the changes into practice, the aim of this thread+videos is to educate people further about the changes and what they actually mean when put into effect)


Hope you all enjoy!