i've been playing iRO renewal server for about two months now and i finally hit ranger 3rd job.

i was just wondering if there are ranger pros lurking in here.
i would just like to ask for build suggestions, equipment choices, skills to prioritize etc. i am familiar with sniper equips and skills but i am new to the ranger one and i don't like my ranger go sh*tty because of wrong stat/skill management.
i've heard of couple builds (warg, trapper, arrow storm) but i really have no idea which one is better.

my current build is (at level 99):

AGI: 90
VIT: 28 (will push to 30 or 50)
INT: 30 (will push to 40 or 50)
DEX: 99 will go 120

i added int because i tend to use double strafe most of the time. spam DS then use normal attack if necessary. also for heal because i usually play alone.

My Current Equips:
Head: AoA + Robo Eye
Weapon: +7 Kingbird Hunter's Bow (hunting arrow)
Body/Garment: Mock Undershirt + Pantie Combo
Boots: +7 Verit Valkyrie Boots (Thinking of Switching to Variant Shoes)
Accessories: Nimble Bow Thimble x2

I read that the White Wing Set for Rangers is very good, though i find the +7 version really expensive.
should i settle for the +4 set? or go push for +7 set?

any comments will be appreciated.
i would like to say thank you in advance for those who would help me.