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    Very quick survey, good luck with your research!

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    Done, good luck on the research!
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    It was released in 2004 by the way.

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    @Arxi @Daetur @Manabomb - Thank you guys

    @MoanaLisa - Good to see you here. Thanks for taking part

    @Wyrllish - You're right. The game was released in 2004 (Nov 25) in USA, Australia and New Zealand. though it was released in Europe in 2005 (February 11). Good observation, nonetheless. Thanks for participating

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    I've bought several TCG items (tabards/consumables for fun mostly, last one was bought during Wrath (Tabard of the Flame for my DK)) so I put down Monthly as there wasn't an option for rarely.

    However, I filled the rest in as accurately as I could.
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    @Thassarian - Looking back at my survey design I notice a number of 'flaws' - and as pointed out but other users, the time span between some of the options provided is not ideal. That's entirely my bad. You, however, did the right thing. Thanks for pointing that out and thanks for contributing

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    Good luck with it!

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    Done in no time!
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    Done, good luck with your research.

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    Finished. I wonder how the data looks. Good luck with your stuff.

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    Having just completed my own dissertation, I wish you well for your undertaking.

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    @Uniqed @CrusaderNero87 @Archeus9 @Yggdrasil @Granyala - Many thanks

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