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    Question more Q's from a pc build noob :(

    in my coolermaster storm enforcer case, i seem to have very little room to route cables, is this normal? or how to fix it? (video maybe? ) (non-modular PSU)

    Do you HAVE to use the very first SATA power plug on each of the PSU cables? (optical & hard drive & SSD) but the drives are at the very bottom vs the optical at the top, so gota use 2 cables.

    how to deal with the un-needed molex cables?

    does the top (when standing up) PCI-E slot have to be used, or can i just plug the video card into slot 2? (24pin cable is in the way...video card is quite long)
    There's no other PCI-E parts being used (or w/e else goes in em)

    that's all for now, thanks in advance...gonna go sleep ;_;

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    Cable management is really just planning in advance, using zip ties to bunch up a couple of cables together. And no, you can use whichever SATA power plug.
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