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    So as per the topic I'm in the market to get myself a new laptop and want one that's good for gaming. While I'd like to stay away from Dell/Alienware, I'm not dead set against them. So if there are any other good ones great, but if not which one of theirs is recommended? Just looking for some ideas of where to start at least. Thanks for any help.

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    Too bad you're against Alienware. I have the Alienware m17r4 and it's beast.

    PS: Dells customer service is pretty tops; hence why I chose them.

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    Appreciate the move as I wasn't sure where to put this, also I'm not dead set against it as I mentioned, so if there's a good one please do post a link. I've seen the m17r4 you mentioned a few times on the net, it's seems like a decent one. Anyone else used it, if so what mods did you get and about what did you pay? My understanding was the base unit was meh at best, so would also like to know what tweaks to order.
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    Check out ASUS's G55 / G75 line, as well as MSI's offerings :P
    Stay away from and Alienware and Razer unless you have tons of cash laying around (not saying they're inherently bad, they're just overpriced)
    The bottom-line is the GPU, of which all manufacturers pretty much share the same offerings... so get the one that offers a GTX660M / GTX670M the cheapest!

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    I'd look at the Asus "G" series if I were you. I'm using the (now old) G73 and it's still working nicely and good for playing recent games.
    Alienware/Dell can actually be ok to buy if you get them on the phone to negotiate the price, or even better if you get the student discount. But never buy one full price.
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    Ok, going to take a look at the G series as I've used Asus products before and have found them fairly reliable. Thanks for the help and if there are any other suggestions please keep them coming.

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    So looking at this model, any thoughts on it?

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