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    LF addon

    Basically what i need is an addon that without me being at AH i can see what iteams i have on AH.
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    dont think this sort of addon exists
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    The ones that do this don't let you see them in "real time" - they're just snapshots of the last time you went to the AH, showing what you posted, how long until they come down, and such things as those. You won't know, for example, what's been sold, unless you're paying attention to the mails you get from the AH.

    However, offhand, I don't know of any addons that do this. Maybe TradeSkillMaster, or some of the other Auction-based addons do.
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    Mobile Phone Auction House.

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    The purpose was to see what glyphs i have on action house when i'm at the ink trader so i don't end up having 5 of one X when 0 of Y and Y happend to sell, but yeah i could do that with mobile ah, But also the explination by Taryble is probably what i'm looking for.
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    If you use TSM, you can use the craft management window and queue different glyphs to make, and that list tracks those glyphs you have on you, in your bank, in the AH and any alts you setup with the add-on.
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    mobile phone app let's you see what's up for sale and what's been sold
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